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Milking Rabbits… A valuable Treatment to Cancer ?!

So it seems, bunnies are more than just an adorable pet. Today’s medicine demonstrates how rabbit milk is being used for helping pharmaceutical companies produce drugs to treat diabetes and cancer. In Moscow, a live video shows how genetically modified species, such as rabbits, goats and sheep, are producing medicine for such treatments in humans.

Biopharming is becoming more and more popular, in fact, the EU and US today are slowly attempting to introduce these types of drugs into the market; while others are still experiencing controversial issues with whether it is ethically correct.

Watch this video, and be shocked, as I was.

Get in Shape with a short home cardio workout

Many of us complain and blame our lack of fitness on our inability to have the time to go to the gym. We all know however that what we truly are doing is attempting to convince and excuse ourselves for our laziness and our unwillingness to do something about it.

This video demonstrates a perfect workout, in a perfectly short time.
New Year resolution of 2012: Excuse yourself no longer and do something about it, because YOU CAN!

How to eat to stave cancer.

We all have seen someone or had someone close to us get diagnosed with cancer. In recent months a friend had her mother diagnosed with cancer, and was given 3 months to live. It is a painful process and a scary one. We are always advised to eat well stay active, drink wine, and so one in order to prevent it from happening. But why?

In a video Dr William Li, discusses what we can do in order to eat well to starve cancer. He talks about what feeds cancer the ability to grow, and what we need to do in order to stop it from growing. Watch the video in the link below it is an incredible eye opener.

Video Link


Welcome to my Blog !!!

Welcome to my blog! Here I will post all sorts of interesting things I learn about; living everyday as a healthy one. I look forward to sharing my views and opinions with everyone, and I invite anyone to comment and talk about what they discover themselves.

Living well should not be a choice, it is a NECESSITY!

Hope you Enjoy!