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VITAMIN D – Fighting cancer?

Proof is showing that Vitamin D kills cancer cells. Every one of us has know someone that has died for cancer or struggling with the disease of cancer. Here it is, they say that Vitamin D actually kills your cancer cells, which every one of us has in our bodies. This is a scary fact but so true. The way it works is like this: we are born with many cancer cells in our bodies and depending on how we treat our health, our nutrition and our bodies will determine whether we develop cancer or not. Sometimes it may be unpreventable but for the most part, the way we treat ourselves will make up our future. This video demonstrates one way that we can prevent cancer from developing. Studies have been done to show that those deficient in vitamin D have a higher chance of developing cancer due to this specific discovery.

In fact, I recently found out that I am Vitamin D deficient and will need to take pills to substitute the Vitamin D that I am lacking in my body, which is causing me to become more tired, lack strength and energy. I had went to see my doctor for a blood test after having been unable to workout as I used to and not having enough energy throughout the day.

It is important to take our health seriously and for those that feel these type of symptoms are apparent with them too, it is important to get yourself checked through a blood test. In-taking enough Vitamin D is not that easy, and it is for this reason that some of us are Vitamin D deficient. But remember, not having enough Vitamin D in your body will lead to more cancer cells, leading to more chances of developing this disease that is deadly.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget, your health is the most important in life and when something is different, don’t procrastinate from seeing a Doctor!

Wish you all the best, and don’t forget to check out this video:

An Apple a Day really does keep the Doctor Away

Many of us have heard the quote “Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away”; it’s very true.
I can tell you myself that I have seen how apples help in weight loss for once. Sadly many people don’t like to eat apples due to the concern that they have high calories; however denying this nutrition to your body is detrimental as apples provide your body with so much nutrients that allows you to stay in good health and lowers your chances of sickness.

Remember… High calories does not mean high in fat, it just means watch out what time of the day you eat them. I will follow up at a later date, in a later blog, about what are calories because it seems that many have the wrong idea about them. Heads up! A calorie is a unit of energy. In other words, when you read something has 100 calories, it’s a way of illustrating how much energy your body could get when eating or drinking it, not how much fat you can contain from it.

Check this short video, it describes everything you can be missing out on when you don’t allow yourself to eat apples.

The secret of Baby language according to Priscilla Dunstan

Priscilla explains to us how babies have a language through their cries and’words’.
Oprah’s interview with Priscilla shows us how to distinguish what babies are trying to tell us through words such as ‘neh’ (Hungry), ‘Owh’ (sleepy), ‘heh’ (discomfort), ‘eair’ (lower gas), ‘eh’ (burp).

Watch this video, it is adorable! Especially if you are a new mother and want to sooth every pain for your baby.

Miracle of the Year: Bungee Jumper survives cord breakage

In this video, you see Erin Langworthy, the 22 year old Australian tourist, bungee jumping into the water on New Year’s Eve as her rope suddenly snapped causing her to faint from the impact. Miraculously she survived this endangering accident as she managed to swim her way down to the shore. When rescued, Erin was coughing out water and blood.

How she survived, it was a Miracle! No one experiences such an impact and survives. She was very lucky, not to mention, my hero for not giving up. Happy New Year’s everyone.

Watch this video it’s crazy!

Limitations? Embrace life to the fullest!

Amy Purdy is a professional snowboarder who despite losing both her legs at age 19, never gave up her dreams.

This video is to show everyone that no matter what uncontrollable havocs occur within your lives, nothing should change what you dream to do or be. Limits are there to guide you, not to give up. This comes to show that no one should limit themselves to what they WANT because of an illness, an injury, or a general problem.

As I mentioned in my first blog, my friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 weeks to live. Though all the doctors were telling her to stay relaxed and rested… She had a mind of her own. 8 months later, she was still alive. It was not until 2 days ago that she passed away in her sleep. She never gave up, she went dancing, eating, and having the time of her life with her family. She never took no for an answer and lived every moment with as little limits that she can afford due to her lack of good health. She was a warrior and fought her way to live. She was given 2 weeks and survived 8 month. Some may call it miracle, others may call it heart. This is to show that one should never give up and ALWAYS FIGHT for what matters!

The following video, touching, will bring forth a different perspective to your life and hopefully will change the way you see yourself and your life. Amy is an inspiring role model to many, and she her words should inspired many to live for what is worth living.

The Great Mystery of H2O

We need to drink all the time in order for our bodies to survive. Deprive your body of it and you will die. It covers 70% of earth’s surface and 70% of human body contains it. It is the only element that can be in three states: gas, liquid and solid. Water is the essence of life, however this video describes water in a completely new perspective. It discusses a new field of study that is completely new and exciting to science. There is a hidden mystery behind water that we never knew. Memory, feelings, stress are all human attributes that people face, however you will see how water contains these incredible attributes too. This video is a new discovery on the science behind water.

This new discovery opens up a new field of study and shows that our understanding of our existence is incredibly limited. See how water can become stressed, and react differently to different emotions, and how it is able to interact with different sources of water to unify itself as one. After watching this video it is difficult to not classify water as living. It is crucial to our existence but we never show our appreciation for it. This video will show you why you should.

Watch this video and try some of the examples that are done. I know it is a little long, but it is incredible and it will make you think twice before drinking it again, I know it did for me.