The Great Mystery of H2O

We need to drink all the time in order for our bodies to survive. Deprive your body of it and you will die. It covers 70% of earth’s surface and 70% of human body contains it. It is the only element that can be in three states: gas, liquid and solid. Water is the essence of life, however this video describes water in a completely new perspective. It discusses a new field of study that is completely new and exciting to science. There is a hidden mystery behind water that we never knew. Memory, feelings, stress are all human attributes that people face, however you will see how water contains these incredible attributes too. This video is a new discovery on the science behind water.

This new discovery opens up a new field of study and shows that our understanding of our existence is incredibly limited. See how water can become stressed, and react differently to different emotions, and how it is able to interact with different sources of water to unify itself as one. After watching this video it is difficult to not classify water as living. It is crucial to our existence but we never show our appreciation for it. This video will show you why you should.

Watch this video and try some of the examples that are done. I know it is a little long, but it is incredible and it will make you think twice before drinking it again, I know it did for me.

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