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Aspartame is a POISON!

I have told friends to stop drinking those Diet Cokes, Sweeteners, and 0 calorie gums. Aspartame is the reason for all these to be so popular on the market. Everyone seeks the lowest calories possibility; the one that will be the least ‘fatnening’, but what people are not taking seriously is how dangerous Aspartame is. Watch this video and you will never have aspartame again, or so I hope. It has many negative side effects that affect one’s health to the point of diseases. Edith Johnson is one example of such a disease. Humans do not take this seriously and do not believe that Aspartame will affect them but without realization, Aspartame is affecting our body everyday. Please be aware of this disastrous artificial sugar! It is deadly and can demonstrate a wide range of negative effects.

Aspartame, according to this video should have never been out in the market, because its safety was not scientifically proven. So why is it still out there?

Take this seriously and change your life…

Learning … it starts from the Fetus, Mothers!

When a child starts learning is a controversial issue. Annie Murphy Paul explains to us how learning begins in the fetus, through the 9 months that the mother carries her baby. Babies learn voice, language, taste, culture and many more characteristics within the womb. Before being born, a fetus learns about the life that they will have as they are born and as they grow up. It is important for mothers to be aware that they can enrich their babies and shape them into the people they will become.

A mother’s stress level and way of life during those 9 months can determine the child’s growth and lifestyle in their future survival. A mother’s sense of responsibility is what determines if the child will grow healthy and live a long life. What this means is that a mother must be responsible in her behavior and lifestyle while pregnant. i.e. drugs, alcohol, caffeine, stress, etc. Staying away from unhealthy and damaging lifestyles for your baby is ESSENTIAL if you want your child to grow into a healthy life, with the proper diet and proper manner of life. Annie also talks about an experiment done on pregnant women who encountered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during the disaster of September 11 and how their children grew to be susceptible to PTSD.

For all your women out there, is important to understand this effect in order to prevent any negative contributions to your future child’s life. Hope that this is not going in from one ear and out from another because as many pregnant women out there do not take these things seriously, studies have show them to be true. Take your health seriously, if not for yourself, then do it for the child you are bearing or will bear in the future. BE HEALTHY, BE SAFE!

MYTH that bananas are Fattening

Many people have mentioned that they do not like to eat bananas because they are fattening. I have tried many times to tell them that Bananas are not fattening but rather very healthy for you. It doesn’t seem to help really. Here is a video that makes my point. Bananas are healthy for you, in fact, they are a weight loss fruit. Like anything else, having too much of something can become fattening, but indulging in one banana a day is perfectly okay. As it provides you with many of the nutrition needed.

Another statement I hear is that people don’t like to eat bananas because they cause constipation… Truth is, bananas are actually high in fiber, though having too much of it can cause constipation due to the potassium balance inside the banana. But having more than one banana becomes abuse as you need to balance your diet.

Fact is, Bananas are very healthy for you, and having one banana a day is perfectly fine. It is good for you. It provides you with the right amount of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. Here is a video to help you loosen up and get over these myths about BANANAS.

Important thing is to eat bananas during the day and not before sleeping, because they do have fructose. So if eaten at night can be fattening, like any other food, it stays in your stomach overnight because you are not working it out. So eat them in the morning when the sugar can be used all day.

Doctors… They are human too, no?

In the following video, Brian Goldman expresses, on behalf of all his fellow doctors, how mistakes are made but can’t be talked about. It is definitely a sad fact and they must feel clustered with all that guilt. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human after all. However, though doctors ARE humans, their mistakes are not taken lightly. It is sad to say, but some people are just not allowed to make mistakes. Doesn’t seem very fair, but unfortunately, their jobs are not like every average Joe who’s harm can be fixed. When doctors fail, they really fail. They are working on people’s chances to live or die.

We hear Dr. Goldman talk about his concern, and yes, it is quite unfortunate and distressful to have to bear these feelings inside, but what can we do? From every patient’s point of view, these doctors are all dealing with people that we love, or dealing with our own lives. They must not make a mistake or they destroy a life.

I really do feel for Dr. Goldman when he speaks, but it is a sad fact that when your parent or sibling or any loved one is on that table, any mistakes from doctors will not be tolerated. It is always healthy to be able to talk about your feelings (shame, disappointment, etc.) but truth of the matter is, no one will accept a mistake that big, because these mistakes will not be tolerated.

Are they humans? Yes, but….