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25 million people in Africa are affected by AIDS.

Emily Oster brings forth a new form of thinking on Aids. Oster is thinking outside the box and she stresses to us how AIDS is a very serious disease. She is definitely trying to form thoughts that can incite thinking outside the box for society to decrease the spread of AIDS. Ms. Oster used data in a way that founds her argument and does well in swaying her viewers’ opinions about the spread of AIDS. She clarifies how this sexually transmitted disease is killing people in the prime of their life and that if we want to live a longer life, then a change of behavior is essential, that is, a decrease in sexual behavior. As she mentions, when the economy is higher, there is disposable income; therefore people go out more, consume more alcohol and have more sex, which could be unprotected. For this reason, economy and HIV are in fact interrelated. Moreover, depending on your economic status, you may also be more exposed to HIV risks, such as interacting with other people that do in fact have AIDS. To better explain this, take a look at AIDS in Africa; if we decrease the poverty, then we are likely to decrease AIDS. Poverty leads to more unprotected sex, as people lack the economic ability to be safe. Essentially, life expectancy in Africa is 40-50 years, it does not leave much expectancy to live when AIDS is involved. Poverty is a big issue in Africa and many of us hear it from time to time, but no one does anything to help. Missions are there to support people in Africa, and I believe that a higher awareness should be imposed for people that can Help!

This is a serious problem and we must be aware of the consequences of AIDS. How long do you want to live? That is up to you. Be aware of this epidemic and be safe.

My blog is intended to open your eyes to two things: The awareness to be safe and change your behavior and it is also to make people aware of what is happening in Africa. We have the ability to make better judgments and have the finances to make proper decisions. Don’t be foolish! Do not engage in unprotected sex, because you CAN! This is not worth your life, TAKE CONTROL!

Halo Test: Pap test for the breast

People nowadays neglect their health. I have heard and seen many times, people say things like “if I had cancer I would not want to know about it, I would want to live my life without that fear and concern.” I understand that people are afraid of Cancer, but if you found out one day that you have been diagnosed with a certain cancer at its terminal stage, what would you then say or do? You know that had you not neglected yourself for the past years and got checked up, then you would not be where you are now: Stage 4 cancer would have been Stage 1 cancer, and you could have survived. It is essential to TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! Do NOT neglect seeing a doctor and getting checked at a constant basis, at least a yearly basis. This goes out to Women and Men. Nonetheless, Prostate cancer and other forms of cancer are more common then they were many years ago. It is what we eat and how we live that determines what will happen to us. Seeing as nowadays, we do not have control over what we eat, as most people eat out a lot more than back in the days, it is important to get checked often. If you do not know how, ask and research! DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR HEALTH, THIS IS SERIOUS!

Here is a quick video for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. Check out this New breast cancer screening called Halo Test that can detect cancer 7 years before a mammogram: this is especially something that should be considered by people with cancer background.

Watch this video, it is very astonishing.

How much Citrus do You consume Daily?

“Flavonoids are plant-based compounds with powerful antioxidant properties, which means they reduce inflammation, promote healthy arteries, and help prevent and repair cellular damage”, explains CBC News.

Studies show that women who consume flavonoid-rich foods such as certain citrus fruits may help reduce the risk of stroke. In fact, one citrus fruit on average contains 45 to 50 mg of flavanones, which is a specific class of flavonoid which lowers the risk of ischemic (blood clot-related) stroke in women who consume it than those who do not. In fact, what these flavanoids have been proven to do is to improve function of the blood vessel to exercise an anti-inflammatory effect.

Researchers found that most of the antioxidant-rich products that lower stroke risk for women were oranges, grapefruit and their juices.

Studies have also shown that women with a high intake of flavanoid: smoke less, exercise more, consume more fiber, more folate, more fruits and vegetables, and consume less caffeine and alcohol.

More studies are to come, for further confirmation, however keep in mind to intake as many citrus fruits as possible; this also includes antioxidant-rich products, as I spoke about in my first Blog on “Fighting Cancer”. Keep your health intact and do as much as you can to facilitate your growth!

For more information, review this website:
Citrus fruits may reduce stroke risk in women

Introverts Should Be More Valued & Appreciated

Susan Cain demonstrates in her speech how Introverts always have to prove themselves in a crowd and feel always attacked for not being more open. Being an Extrovert is great and people tend to like you more as you are more social and outgoing. I have always, personally, thought that being an extrovert is better than an introvert, but truly being Introvert shows more success on where it counts. Sure, being an extrovert will possibly lead you to a better position as a leader. That is not to say that introverts do not get these positions, however some introverts might be too shy or have a hard time leading. Some introverts are the exception, as Cain states, Ghandi was one introvert who made it as a great leader. She also speaks how introverts can be better leaders than extroverts because they are more open to other people’s ideas. The purpose of this video is not to demonstrate that introverts succeed better than extroverts, but rather to demonstrate to all people that being an introvert is not abnormal. People have different personalities and that should be valued and appreciated, as humanity is not all the same. Diversity is what makes us special.

Appreciate and Acknowledge that fact when you see your co-worker, friend, class-mate, or any stranger that may show signs of introversion. If you are an introvert, DO NOT be embarrassed! Embrace your knowledge and make a difference.

Watch this video; hopefully it might bring a different perspective to those that are biased about people that are more quiet or to themselves, and bring more confidence to those that are so.

Cell Phone Radiation … Hazardous!

Everyone has heard their parents saying to stop using their cell phones and its bad for the brain but no one really takes their parents seriously. Parents have always been right, for the most part. I can’t say I wasn’t one of those kids that used their cell phones so often because I was and I still am. It’s unfortunate but we have become so reliable on technology nowadays that even if told that cell phones can kill us, it won’t stop us. Just like cigarettes, addicted and needy.

It is sad how kids now own a cell phone at such a young age… I got my first phone at 18 because my parents never believed in having one before needing it. I see kids today at 6 years old with a cell phone, its so disappointing… Do their parent’s not understand how detrimental it is to their health? I might seem passionate about this topic as I see this generation becoming too ‘spoiled’, for better terms, because what kid needs a phone at 6 years old? They go to school and come back home. If it is going to do anything, it is distract the child from what is most important, which is school, family and growing intellectually. I would say that the only important thing in a child’s life is books and not technology.

Enough to say, please take care of yourself and your children. Cell phones are very dangerous and health hazardous. People really don’t take these radiations seriously and constantly keep their phones on their ears. Proof is beginning to be apparent about this fact and soon enough it will be out on every news station. However, until then, please take your health seriously and take this free advice. Cell Phones, just like cigarettes, are dangerous for your body and can cause many damages to the brain and diseases such as cancer.

Be smart about your choices in life, and do not take advice for granted!


Here is a video to explain more…