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Being more pro-social with your money makes you happy. Spending your riches on yourself always makes you unhappy and this is where the saying comes along “Money doesn’t buy you happiness”. It is true it does not buy you happiness when you waste it on yourself and act selfish on people that are in desperate need of it. Studies show that when spending money on others to help, you become happy. Spending your money on charities and helping others is the medicine for happiness. This is to show everyone that money is just money, however when given to someone else, it causes you happiness to have made a difference in someone’s life. Don’t be greedy, it won’t make you happy. Give and Help…. You will find happiness!

Watch what Michael Norton has to say about this.

Fear of Being Alone…

Human relationships are complicated nowadays. People can be both alone and not alone at the same time. Today, you can develop a relationship through technology, you don’t need to see the person anymore, and you just need to text them. A father can consider himself to be a good father if he text his child every day. This society has become so advanced to the point that people would rather text than to call. Even when at work, in a meeting, or in school, you notice people texting or googling in order not to be alone. Watch this clip and notice how Sherry Turkle explains what technology has done to this society. Being alone is viewed as a problem to people; it is for this reason that they seek connections. People use technology to feel better about themselves and their loneliness, but if you have alone time, you might actually end up alone, because this illusion that you are not alone because of technology is false. You need to learn to be alone, because if you are always hiding behind technology, you will never make a difference within yourself. Solitude must be appreciated, because it is important that every person has some alone time, without any illusionary connection to displace our thoughts. Self-reflection is essential for our development. When you are not allowing yourself to reflect, and assuming that you always need someone to talk to, you are not allowing a proper development, leading to feeling more alone and lost. Technology appeals to us most when we are most vulnerable. We are vulnerable because we have this illusion of friendship that technology offers. Since being alone seems like a problem that needs to be solved, we relate to technology to get that problem resolved. Why do we feel that being alone it is a problem to be solved? Being alone is truly essential to our soul; therefore we must stop feeling that there is something wrong with having time alone and embrace the time we have to be able to reflect about our lives and make the changes that are needed to be truly happy.

Who am I kidding? I am one of these people, I can’t do anything without being on the phone with someone or texting someone. I have definitely been working on it however and it seems to really bring realization to your life.

Keep in mind, alone time is good time. Stop these illusions, they only get you lost.

Pollination: Fascinating Beauty OverLooked!

Many of us can not appreciate the beauties of life, whether because of problems that consume us, or emotions that control us. Here is a quick video about Pollination and its evolution. I just thought I would share this with all of you because its beauty was contagious to the point that I couldn’t stop smiling. I hope that it has the same effect on all of you, because one smile here and one smile there, life is so beautiful. Keep smiling, because life (in itself) is so mesmerizingly beautiful!

Intelligence of Crows: Cultural Adaptation

In case you haven’t heard this before, crows are very intelligent species. These birds have developed ways to survive and no go extinct, considering their situation with humans. Humans get annoyed and always try to get rid of them. In this video, Joshua Klein demonstrates to us how these birds were adapting with humans today by learning to strive for food, through the facilitation of human behavior. Watch this video, learn what studies show about the intelligence of crows. This is fascinating, especially the last segment of how crows crack nuts!

I’m not a LIAR!… Wait that’s a LIE, we are ALL Liars!!!

A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance; its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie.” (Pamela Meyer)

Pamela Meyer talks about deception and how we are ALL liars. She states that on a daily basis, we are lied to from 10 to 200 times, those including white lies. She demonstrates how someone’s lies can be spotted by their actions.

Some facts about deception, according to Pamela Meyer are the following:
Extroverts lie more than introverts
Strangers lie more to each other than those who know each other
Men lie about themselves whereas women lie to protect others.

LIE SPOTTING (According to Pamela Meyer) Training you to spot a lie:
Pattern #1: Verbal Dodging/Speech
Pattern #2: Body Language slips

She even teaches us the hotspots to viewing the discrepancy between words and actions.

Watch this video and learn about humanity. Deception is part of our life.


Growing up, I heard it many times. Don’t be a little girl, don’t cry, men are supposed to be strong, crying is only for girls. This is what I heard most fathers tell their sons: my dad, my uncle, friend’s fathers, etc. Even my brother had to suffer through this useless talk about being a man. What determines what a boy should not do? They have feelings too, why should they be judged about crying? Why must they always look strong and manly? Why is a girl seen as not feminine enough when she is not sensitive or emotional? Women should not be independant, they must be submissive and dependant on a man, this is what you hear. Today, especially, all is changed. Some women now are the main breadwinners in some families. This takes us off topic, but I needed to mention this somehow. Women, men, we are both humans. Why is it that men are always warned not to cry or show emotions? They ask why violence against women is so high… the simple fact that men are taught to be dominant and show no sadness is evidence enough.
Make a difference, save the world. Check out this video, and take is seriously.


” I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity” Jamie Oliver, Ted 2010.

Children nowadays are being fed fast food everywhere they go, at home, at school, and all else. Schools are selling bad foods to students and focusing on how they can save on expenses. Jamie Oliver speaks up about teaching children about food and opening their eyes about what unhealthy food they are being fed. He speaks with his heart about how devastating it is to seeing the high rise of obesity today. Parents out there are feeding their children fat foods, slacking off and avoiding cooking nutritional food. Jamie Oliver is very passionate about this subject, stressing anti-obesity and our ignorance of food.

Jamie Oliver shows obsession and care for what truly matters and what truly is a problem today. Watch this video and see how you can make a difference.

Yaz or Yazmin Birth Control: LAWSUIT!

A Lawsuit has been made against Yaz and Yazmin: the two biggest selling birth control pills in the world! Evidence shows that using these two forms of birth control presents a significantly higher risk of health problems than other birth control pills. This is to bring awareness to all these women out there using these two forms of birth control, as I am sure that if you were more aware of this issue, you will make better choices to your health. Watch these two videos and learn about what you are putting your body through.

“The Ontario Yasmin/Yaz class action is being case managed by the Honourable Justice Crane. The certification hearing has been scheduled for 3 days commencing January 28, 2013.” (Siskinds:The Law Firm)

Also… Check out this website for more information:


Michael Jackson… JUST LISTEN!

This may seem like an odd post and may not seem relative to this Blog, however I found this to be an ESSENTIAL topic that I want to share with all of you.  Throughout his life, Michael has always tried to inspire us to make a difference and become better people. The following video demonstrates many of Michael’s speeches attempting to inspire us. Michael’s words have always been taken for granted, all his songs, and everything that he represents. Michael has been spreading the message for all of us throughout his whole life, teaching us to be better people, teaching us to appreciate life, and to always SMILE, no matter the pain. If you feel that your life is falling apart, take a moment and watch some of the following music videos of Michael Jackson and keep in mind that life is too short and it is important to always appreciate every moment; do not take your life on this earth for granted because you might not have one tomorrow. A special person in my life has taught me that, and though I am still working on it, I wish to teach all of you: BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE, DON’T UNDERVALUE YOUR LIFE ON THIS EARTH, YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE ANOTHER ONE.

Michael has been an inspiration to many, let’s make sure that his messages are taken seriously because THEY MATTER in our Lives!

Enjoy your life, SMILE every moment you get, LOVE everyone, CHANGE to the better, Don’t hold anger or grudges. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



Life’s Greatest Miracles is a heartwarming video that moves the soul. Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. The beauties of life, the preciousness of life, this miracle is indescribable. As humans, we do not appreciate what happens to us, we cannot realize what blessing is happening within us when we procreate. This video demonstrates the beauty of a life, it expresses why we must believe in a higher power because nothing can come close to this miracle of life, procreation. Watching a simple sperm grown into a living being, its heartfelt. From beginning to end, this video, though long, keeps you on your feet, awaiting the end result. It is a lesson for all, we must understand what goes on in the fetus. If you believe in God, this will bring life to you, and if you don’t believe in God, this will open your eyes to what life is all about and how something so preciously small can become something so CHERISHABLE and TREASURED.

Watch this video, or most of it, if you are in for fascination and being mesmerized.
It is beautiful!