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Why are Some Obese and Others are Not?

Studies have found 2 weapons to change obesity. Two hormones have been discovered: Hunger hormone (Ghrelin) and Fullness hormone (PYY)
These hormones show why it is so difficult for obese people to stop eating, and feel full.

In fact, obese people do not have as much hunger as normal people and their hunger stays at the same level during the day, but goes up when food is taken away. They feel a nagging hunger the whole day. Whereas ,non-obese, normal people get full when they eat then get hungry thereafter.

Obese people’s fullness hormone stays the same, low throughout the whole day, and they do not feel full even when they eat, so they eat more food and the wrong food.

A study has shown how identical twins can have the same genes, but one is obese while the other is not. This shows that genes are not everything, and heredity is not always the answer. Why twins with the same genes can be at a different weight is because something happened which caused the fat gene to be switched on causing one of the twins to become obese. Studies show that stress can have an important effect on this particular case. To stop obesity, we must learn what switched on the fat gene, and turn it OFF.

Another study of Dr. Godfrey showed that development of the baby in the womb influences its risk of obesity. The nine months the baby spends in the womb is the cause of obesity. What’s important in the development of the baby is the mother’s diet within these months in the womb, how well nourished or malnourished will determine how the child will grow and if they will show obesity as they grow up.


Obese people’s diets are consistently failing and they are always feeling hungry, what is the matter?
An answer to obesity according to these studies is the gastric bypass surgery , where by reducing size of the stomach, you are reducing how much they can eat; this operation alters the appetite and changes the way that obese person thinks. It causes the ‘obese’ person to have no interest in Fat foods and Sweet foods as the operation on the stomach alters their brain. In fact, even their response to fatty food changes after the surgery.

It is important for people out there, obese or not obese, to keep in mind and consider people out there: Obesity is not a simple question of will power; it is a question of genes, hormones and our brains. Seek the help you need!

For more information watch these videos… There are Four parts to this video, worth the 1 hour if you can spare. You will definitely learn a lot.


Education versus Creativity: School Kills Creativity

Someone once mentioned how people that study go to school loose all creativity, they study a specific subject and lose imagination and innovation. All they know is that subject and do not try to further educate their brains and learn other things that matter in life. An example of this is you see people studying Math all their lives, but talk to them about politics, they won’t know! This is to say that education does kill creativity and many of us are victims of it.

This is not to say that education is not important. Education is important for everyone, your parents put you in school to get educated and grow. However one thing is important to understand which many of us miss. Creativity is just as important as literacy. People are afraid to be wrong, therefore they grow out of creativity because they never try anything, fearing to be wrong. It is crazy how Ken Robinson brings something important to our attention. Every student these days learns the same thing, and subjects that raise creativity are not recommended: subjects such as Music, Art, and more subjects are not highly qualifying in school because they are not Math, Science, and other subjects that make money in the future. These are serious issues and children take them to heart. They hear their parents putting their dreams down because ‘it won’t work out’, ‘it wont make of them anything’. What happens then? They settle what society wants of them, breaking their creative mind and pushing them to unhappiness. The norm is the 9 to 5 government job. Society tells us to make the ‘right choice’ and settle for a government job because that will assure you a safe net. This grows fear inside you and you begin thinking their right. Taking the chance on your own business is no longer an option because ‘you can be wrong’ and everything can backfire. Creativity is life’s main keys, if you have lost creativity you have nothing left. I STRESS this to everyone out there, TAKE CHANCES… You only have one life to live, and if you don’t live this one, your life was pretty much useless.

What this video, it is worth your mind…

Diabetics … Don’t let it Rule you!

Being healthy is a big responsibility. I think we can all agree to that statement. Every person wants to indulge in tasty foods, deserts, burgers, and so much more that may not be the greatest for our health, but we manage… How about those that can’t afford to eat bad food seeing as it may affect their health destructively. Those suffering from diabetes often fall in that area. What diet is recommended for diabetics is controversial and difficult to maintain. The diet most often recommended is high in dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber, but low in fat, especially saturated fat. Here are some delicious and recommended dietary foods that are good for everyone suffering from diabetes. This video demonstrates not only what is good to eat, but also why it is good to eat. This is not to say that non-diabetics should not follow this diet, because it is in fact a healthy diet. Hope this helps!


TORONTO – A new study says smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity and stress finds are costing Ontarians more than seven years of their lives (Huffington Post, April 2, 2012).

People nowadays do not take their health seriously, more importantly; do not take seriously the consequences of bad habits. Smoking! This habit is so vastly expanding; even children are smoking these days. You walk down the street and you see children smoking in a group, children of about 12 years. What is happening to this world? The consequences are there, there is awareness about them, yet no one takes them seriously. Cigarette packs show picture of dark lungs, and a heart that is dark, yet no one budges.

I won’t even start on alcohol; all that Canadians seem to be doing for fun is drink. Alcohol is present in get-togethers, in family occasions, in parties, everywhere. No limits! These teenagers and young adults are drinking day in day out, without caring of what it may do to their lungs.

Another essential issue is poor diet, which many of us do not hold to heart. Fast food is everywhere these days and no one cares or questions what is inside the food they are being served. I can show many documents defining how nasty certain foods are, yet in North America, fast food is so widely abused.

Physical activities and stress I believe intertwine. Many people get lazy and do not take the initiative to become active, knowing that physical activity keeps someone alive and healthier. This, in turn, associated with stress as physical health relieves stress. It is true that many of us cannot control stress, because it is in our work, in our school, in our lives in general, however the way you deal with stress is of big importance. Some deal by reliving the harmful cycle, i.e. through smoking, drinking, eating bad, and more negative coping mechanisms.

I write this blog, not to simply repeat what you already know, but to stress on you to take control of your life by diminishing the negative habits and initiating new positive habits that will benefit you and your health. Keep you living longer, and happier.


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