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What is in Your Pet’s food? DEAD ANIMALS!

We need to pay attention to what we are feeding our pets. It is important to find out what is good food and what is bad food. Pets are pre-maturely dying because of the ingredients that are in their food. Here are some videos about pet foods. Make sure to watch carefully if you have a pet and do not cheap out on your pet, you wouldn’t want your parents to cheap out on you. Pay attention to ingredients and food brands.


Many of us just eat and not care about nutritional values or ingredients in the foods we are eating. Watch this simple video with an adorable kid that basically goes through Label Reading for us and teaches us what to look for and what to avoid in labelled foods , also known as Processed Foods. A strong example of label reading is the idea that many people believe that cereals is a healthy breakfast. This video will show you how some cereals are designed as desert, therefore, is not a healthy breakfast.

Check out this video and learn about what you are putting into your body.

Why is Yawning So Contagious?

Yawning is an interesting concept. Why is it that when one person yawns, another person does so as well. It just seems like a chain reaction. Have you ever wondered why yawning is so contagious? Well watch this video from the University of Pisa, Michael explains why when seeing someone yawn, makes you want to yawn. It’s pretty interesting to know that reason why we yawn is to bring our brains to a specific temperature. Check out this video, I hope you like it…

I can bet you yawn at least 5 times in the span of this video… Enjoy!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

I tried finding the best video to explain this topic because I hear it so much that lemon and water are so good for your health and weight loss. This is a great detox diet that may be used with other healthy foods and some may even use it essentially for what it is, water and lemon ALL DAY, ALL BY ITSELF. I personally would not be able to do it, but I do hear many people talking about the Lemon Detox Diet, where they simply have water and lemon for a specific dedicated period. I found this video, though talking about new years resolution, to be a very impressive and educational one describing my intention.

Watch this video, Lemons are so healthy for your body and increases your digestive system. Watch Kim Lyon’s detox plan, and make sure to incorporate it into your diet.
I have also attached the benefits to Lemon with the second video

How Hot Dogs Are Made?

Many of us eat hot dogs. Many of us hear how hot dogs are so unhealthy. Why is that? It could all make sense to us if we knew how these meats are made! Hot dogs, everyone, is literally a mixture of leftover meats, inedible chicken, revolting beef, leftover pork meats. It can be disturbing how disgusted one may feel after knowing the truth about hot dogs. It really is sad to hear that most of us have no clue where hot dogs really come from. It really makes you think about what we eat everyday and why there is so much cancer and other diseases out these days.

Watch this video and pay attention! Take control of your health, make sure you are aware of what you are digesting. Some foods really are indigestible.


I was just Googleing healthy foods and came across this disturbing video. From the title of the video From Farm to Fridge, I was expecting how unhealthy foods become when traveling, but I got this. I couldn’t watch, yet couldn’t stop watching. Here we are, We eat pork, we eat eggs, we eat chicken, we drink milk, we eat beef, we eat seafood. We are not aware where this comes from, sure, we know it comes from pigs, chickens, cows, etc. but we have no idea HOW. Why is it fair that animals can suffer this way? Is there no better more humane ways of humans to eat?


Some may say that these workers should be tortured themselves the way they do to the animals. How is this torture acceptable with the food industry?


This video is so sad and disturbing, if you can’t take it don’t watch it. But if you can, watch it because we are all being ignorant of we are eating.

Warning: video may contain graphic images that may be disturbing for some viewers.


*4 Minute Ripped Core Workout*

Check out this workout, came across it while trying to find some good workouts. Seems pretty successful. I tried it and it’s a killer. As Mike Chang shows you, this is a great 4 minute workout that builds and defines. It’s amazing because it really works out your whole core, from your abs, to your shoulders, your back and your whole upper body. Give it a try and see how you like it. It will definitely become part of my workout.

The Devil’s Drug: World’s Scariest Drug

This drug is called Scopolamine, which comes from a Beautiful plant but a very dangerous plant. When on this drug, you become so drugged, there is a complete illumination of free will, you can be like you are owned by someone else, as you are completely conscious but not in control. You can’t even react. This drug is a distinctly criminal element because on this drug, the victim does not remember anything, they can be exploited and hypnotized to do things they have no say in, essentially criminal acts. Medical experts say it is completely healthy however has a negative effect on one’s actions. Scopolamine looks the same as cocaine but does much more harm. All you need to do is simply smell it and your hooked. Someone can rob a bank without any control of what they are doing and wake up with a complete memory loss of that crime.

check out this amazing video about the scariest drug to ever exist:


Have you ever been on a vacation where you had the most amazing time, however on the last day, you have a very bad experience? What did you remember about this vacation? Do you think it was still an amazing vacation or did you feel that it was ruined?

Daniel Kahneman describes this situation as memory self and experience self. He describes these two in relations to happiness. He illustrates the experience self as being happy in your life and the memory self as being happy about your life. According to Kahneman, the memory self is more powerful at whole than the experience self. It is to explain that what we remember of an experience matters more to us than what we really experienced during that actual situation. It is the case, the memory of the self controls our happiness and defines our stories. Endings, as he explains, are the most important moments of an experience. What we last remember of an experience is what controls our memory and our happiness of that experience. For those out there that suffered from a breakup, you must have experienced this. As a couple being in a relationship, many of us had felt pure happiness for a long period of time until something really bad happens and breaks off the relationship. You can remember all the good times, but unfortunately the ending is dominant in your mind and in turn determined how happy we were in that relationship. Daniel Kahneman presents some more examples of happiness.

It is important to keep in mind that memory is thinking about life whereas experience is actually living life. Deciding if you are happy as a person will depend on both together, but try it with your life…. which one of these two matter more to you? Moreover, Kahneman states that “happiness is mainly being satisfied with the people that we like.”

Watch this video and get more information about what determines your happiness, when you think of your life!