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A Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Coffee is addictive and a controversial topic to our health. Common knowledge about coffee is that it is bad for you, however fact of the matter is, Coffee is Beneficial to our Health.

As Dr. Donald Hensrud and Keri Glassman mention, coffee’s benefits outweigh the risks. Science behind caffeine is that is has great health benefits to certain diseases and offers many other benefits in consuming it. Many believe that coffee’s typical benefit is the stimulant factor but there is so much more to it than is unknown.

Watch this video and see how coffee decreases type2 diabetes, decreases Parkinson’s disease, provides fiber and antioxidants, and much more. There are obviously certain risks to coffee as there is in anything in life, but that’s life.

Take a few minutes; watch this video and read this article on coffee benefits. It may change your life forever. Enjoy!

Insomnia & The Fear of The Dark: The Uncovered Link

Sleepless nights, many of us have have… Yet some of us have a bigger problem with reoccurring sleepless night, one that lasts a long period of our lives or all of it. Insomnia is a annoyance for those people. Are you someone that can’t sleep or has difficulty sleeping well? Research is being done on why insomnia is a problem for some and apparently, many of those that are insomniac fear the dark, leading to tension which impedes one to sleep with comfort, causing them to either not sleep or sleep and wake up many times throughout the night.

Read this article below and get more details about these findings


for more information about what is “Insomnia”, here is a quick 40second video


Many fear eating chocolate because of its fats and Junk Food nature. Well Wake Up Call here for you; CHOCOLATE IS HEALTHY FOR YOU! Dark Chocolate is made from plants and contains great benefits that dark vegetables have. Health benefits you can gain from chocolate is flavanoids which gives the body antioxidant which protect the body from aging and reduces risk of heart disease, and relaxes blood pressure and balances some hormones in the body. Dark chocolate specifically has a large number of antioxidants. Dark Chocolate is great for your heart. Not to mention, Dark chocolate does not only lowers blood pressure, but lowers cholesterol as well. Chocolate also produces enforphins which leave you feeling good and contains serotonin which is an anti-depressant.

This is not to say that chocolate does not have high calories. Fact is, you must balance your diet in your day, and focus on consuming black chocolate, a little portion, not a complete bar. Simply getting some balance of dark chocolate in your day to get the benefits that is good for you. If you wish to have the whole chocolate bar, simply cut out other irrelevant to your health sweets to keep calories managed. You simply need 100 grams of dark chocolate a day to get the benefits. One thing to also consider is to avoid the fillers such as caramel flavor, hazlenut, fruits, etc. These are extra calories you don’t need. Remember the higher the cacao, the better it is for you!

There are even other benefits to dark chocolate such as better cognitive function and reduces risk. Dark chocolate is High in Vitamins and Minerals.

Watch these two video for more information:

“BATH SALTS DRUG” The Deadly Drug!

The name has nothing to do with the salts you use in the bathtub, in fact, they are very dangerous.

One recovery addict mentions: ‘Felt like I wanted to kill me or kill somebody else’ That does not sound healthy or safe. It seems the drug is infact illegal in the USA yet still legal in Canada. Recent concerns are made headlines about making this drug illegal in Canada.

“Bath salts are comparable to a mix of cocaine and amphetamine. It’s a long-lasting street drug that produces extreme euphoria. When that feeling disappears, the user craves more.” (CBC News)

In fact, the drug made headlines in Miami recently where a man attacked and ate the face of a homeless man before getting shot by police.”

Check out a video about this crazy drug…

and this one of the MIAMI

Warning: video may contain graphic images that may be disturbing for some viewers.