“BATH SALTS DRUG” The Deadly Drug!

The name has nothing to do with the salts you use in the bathtub, in fact, they are very dangerous.

One recovery addict mentions: ‘Felt like I wanted to kill me or kill somebody else’ That does not sound healthy or safe. It seems the drug is infact illegal in the USA yet still legal in Canada. Recent concerns are made headlines about making this drug illegal in Canada.

“Bath salts are comparable to a mix of cocaine and amphetamine. It’s a long-lasting street drug that produces extreme euphoria. When that feeling disappears, the user craves more.” (CBC News)

In fact, the drug made headlines in Miami recently where a man attacked and ate the face of a homeless man before getting shot by police.


Check out a video about this crazy drug…


and this one of the MIAMI

Warning: video may contain graphic images that may be disturbing for some viewers.


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