Insomnia & The Fear of The Dark: The Uncovered Link

Sleepless nights, many of us have have… Yet some of us have a bigger problem with reoccurring sleepless night, one that lasts a long period of our lives or all of it. Insomnia is a annoyance for those people. Are you someone that can’t sleep or has difficulty sleeping well? Research is being done on why insomnia is a problem for some and apparently, many of those that are insomniac fear the dark, leading to tension which impedes one to sleep with comfort, causing them to either not sleep or sleep and wake up many times throughout the night.

Read this article below and get more details about these findings


for more information about what is “Insomnia”, here is a quick 40second video

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  1. This is such an excellent article. I will reference this page on my blog. Regards.

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