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Are Women Genetically Happier Than Men? …

Which of the two are more happy? Socially, it’s not very visible, however according to scientists, women are genetically more happy then men are in general.

One scientific research shed some light about gender differences in happiness. Scientists from the University of South Florida, Columbia University and the National Institutes of Health discovered that a gene called Monoamine Oxidase A (MAOA) was connected to the higher level of happiness in women than in men. “Chen and his research team said in a press release that they believe that the reason for this connection is that the MAOA gene allows larger amounts of dopamine, serotonin and other mood-elevating neurotransmitters to stay in the brain”. However, even when men do possess that gene, it still demonstrates a lower level of happiness, which scientific believe could be due to testosterone levels in the male gender. More research is yet to be completed on this topic, however there are in fact scientific proof that women are happier than men due to the MAOA gene. “Although women experience mood and anxiety disorders more frequently than men do, according to the study press release, women’s self-reported happiness tends to be higher than men’s across the board. ”


CAUTION: Watch For Diets


Dr. Bernstein Diet, Herbal Magic, Weight Watchers, The Alternate Day Diet; these are some of many diets out in the market. We hear about many successful stories of people losing weight on many of those diets and others, but what they do not show is the health effects and the aftereffects of going on these diets. Many diets  are for short periods and end up backfiring in the end, such as people loosing weight for the period of the diet, then gaining all and more of their weight when the diet has ended or stopped. These are evident with diets such as Bernstein diet where I have personally seen more than a few individuals who have paid to do sessions of Bernstein Diet and once the sessions are ceased, they gained all their weight and more. This does not seem healthy or promising for me. Some diets some as the Alternate Day Diet, where people eat all they want one day and 20% of their food intake the next; this diet does not seem healthy where the brain is constantly being pushed back and forth struggling with a proper diet and eating so little food one the alternate days that it harms the body. These are all controversial issues that many will disagree and agree but watch this video where the nutritionists speak about the Alternate Day Diet and what they feel about it and other diets.


Are You Running Correctly?

Obviously you know how to run… it’s not a complicated task… Unfortunately, it is.

Sure we may all run and think we are great athletes, but running the SAFE way is not so simple. Running is a great workout for keeping healthy, but what happens when you are injuring yourself while trying to keep healthy?

Here is a 10 minute video of Terra Plana with Lee Saxby  demonstrating to us the correct running skill through barefoot running. This is quite interesting and explains why running can be painful to the back! I know I’ve learned a lesson, I hope you do too.


The Perfect Mate: What We Look For…

Many women and men find that when asked the typical question… What do you look for in a man, what do you look for in a woman.

We all know the average women’s answer: big build, beautiful eyes, tall, nice lips, nice hair, and the list goes on… Same with the average man’s answer: nice hair, big breast, nice ass, size 5-6, nice lips, nice eyes, and so on…

We are Biologically Predisposed to the “Perfect Mate” …

Here is two quick videos showing scientific proof on what an average woman and average man look for in their mate.


Long time… Sorry Guys

Hey my lovely followers and friends, I do know it has been a while since I haven’t Blogged; forgive me, I have been on vacation!

I sure hope everyone had an amazing summer.

BE PREPARED TO GET BOMBARDED WITH POSTS NOW! I do need to make up for all the missed ones!

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your summers.