CAUTION: Watch For Diets


Dr. Bernstein Diet, Herbal Magic, Weight Watchers, The Alternate Day Diet; these are some of many diets out in the market. We hear about many successful stories of people losing weight on many of those diets and others, but what they do not show is the health effects and the aftereffects of going on these diets. Many diets  are for short periods and end up backfiring in the end, such as people loosing weight for the period of the diet, then gaining all and more of their weight when the diet has ended or stopped. These are evident with diets such as Bernstein diet where I have personally seen more than a few individuals who have paid to do sessions of Bernstein Diet and once the sessions are ceased, they gained all their weight and more. This does not seem healthy or promising for me. Some diets some as the Alternate Day Diet, where people eat all they want one day and 20% of their food intake the next; this diet does not seem healthy where the brain is constantly being pushed back and forth struggling with a proper diet and eating so little food one the alternate days that it harms the body. These are all controversial issues that many will disagree and agree but watch this video where the nutritionists speak about the Alternate Day Diet and what they feel about it and other diets.


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