Are Women Genetically Happier Than Men? …

Which of the two are more happy? Socially, it’s not very visible, however according to scientists, women are genetically more happy then men are in general.

One scientific research shed some light about gender differences in happiness. Scientists from the University of South Florida, Columbia University and the National Institutes of Health discovered that a gene called Monoamine Oxidase A (MAOA) was connected to the higher level of happiness in women than in men. “Chen and his research team said in a press release that they believe that the reason for this connection is that the MAOA gene allows larger amounts of dopamine, serotonin and other mood-elevating neurotransmitters to stay in the brain”. However, even when men do possess that gene, it still demonstrates a lower level of happiness, which scientific believe could be due to testosterone levels in the male gender. More research is yet to be completed on this topic, however there are in fact scientific proof that women are happier than men due to the MAOA gene. “Although women experience mood and anxiety disorders more frequently than men do, according to the study press release, women’s self-reported happiness tends to be higher than men’s across the board. ”



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