Granola Bars… A Health Mystery ?

When you hear granola bars, you automatically think healthy. I was under that impression too, it seems its the quickest snack with seemingly healthy oats, so I thought. I’ve recently been harassed about how unhealthy these bars are. So I took the initiative to do my own research because to tell you the truth it gets me by in my day at work and in my mornings after a workout, or a quick snack when I’m really hungry.

Truth is, I guess they are not the healthiest, THOUGH some can be. I’ve come across some articles and noticed this was an ongoing struggle for many, there are in fact many articles about the health factor of granola bars, as many eat them as junk, such as including marshmallows, chocolate and other syrups. I’ve read it that if you want a granola bar to be healthy, it needs to taste like Granola, i.e. not tasty. However most of the time it is not the case.

I’ve come to find out that not all are healthy, even when they seem healthy. I can go on and on about what makes a granola bar healthy but I will make you read it from the source. I do apologize I was not able to find a video for you to enjoy, but I’m hoping you will find reading these articles as interesting and convenient.

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