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Eat Healthy Stay Healthy!

So guys health is not a joke and although some think they can cheat their body by slipping one very bad meal, every bit counts. We’ve all watched Super Size Me and know the effects of fast food! So be careful and eat what is good for your heart, your arteries, your whole body! You only live once might as well live good!

Check out with link with Dr. Oz who tells it to you exactly how it is!

Autism & Traffic Pollution: A Dangerous Link

So scientist have been studying how Traffic pollution may have a strong link to children being diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder of Autism. Autism is present from early childhood and is characterized by impairment in communicating with others and difficulty forming normal social relationships, moreover it is characterized by repetitiveness of behavior patterns.

It seems that being exposed to high pollution, as a pregnant mother or a new born child, it affects your risk of developing autism to a great deal.

In a finding that points to a link between environmental toxins and autism, a new study shows that children who were exposed to the highest levels of traffic-related air pollution during gestation and in early infancy were three times more likely to be diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder than were those whose early exposure to such pollutants was very low.

Therefore it is important to take into consideration for our young loved ones, or those to come in the future; stay away from pollution, as it does in fact interfere with healthy brain development!

If you live near a freeway or in a location where you are exposed to Pollution at a high rate, you are in fact at an increased risk of developing a neurodevelopmental disorder as Autism.

Please be Aware and Be safe!
Please Pass this along to those that may be exposed to such dangers.

Check out this article for more details:

Autism and early exposure to traffic pollution linked


Some drugs, mixed with Grapefruit, can cause Deadly Reactions! Who Would have thought such a healthy fruit can cause such a deadly risk. What seems to be the case is that the chemical ingredient in Grapefruit allows more drug to be absorbed by the body, causing an Overdose! Some risks are sudden death, kidney failure, respiratory failure and much more.

Check out the links below for more details and remember to Be Aware!


News article:

“Grapefruit Can Interact with Prescription Meds: Researchers” 

Doctors say the fruit can intensify the dosage of some drugs, possibly leading to sudden death, kidney or respiratory failure, and internal bleeding.

Chemicals in the grapefruit suppress an important enzyme in the human body, said Paul Doering, professor emeritus of pharmacy at the University of Florida. “If grapefruit juice is there first, it kind of takes hostage the systems that get rid of the drug and inactivates them,” allowing more of the prescription medication to get into the system, he added.

Researchers say the interaction can occur even if the grapefruit or its juice is consumed many hours before medication.

Tanning Beds… Outrageous & Dangerous!

So we’ve heard it many times, tanning beds are bad as they cause cancer and Blah Blah Blah! Unfortunately, it’s not so Blah when proof is out there to affirm the statement! Check out this shocking video about tanning beds and the risks!

In fact, check out the News Story about a Case of Tanning…

Dandelion Tea? Can it be?

Speculations are going around about the dandelion tea and it’s possible ability to fight cancer. No proof has been out just yet and it seems some are weary about it as well, as too much ‘may’ be toxic. No further scientific proof is there, so for the meantime, we should not get our hopes up, though it seems that dandelion has it’s health benefits too. Most definitely, for the time, it is interesting, as a possibility! Look forward to the years to come, because if this will show to be the cure, it will be quite something!

WHAT IS DANDELION? I thought you’d ask….

check out these two links;

Be Active: Live Longer!

Studies show that doing exercise extends one’s life in a few years. So it seems, if you are not active, you are reducing your lifespan in a few years. You don’t have anytime during the day to do a quick workout because you are either lazy, no time, or simply don’t care for it. Most people chose the easy way to go in their lives and don’t bother making a difference that will benefit them. Unfortunately if you don’t want it, you won’t do it.

Watch this video and see what scientists are talking about…

Avocado: The Outstanding Fruit

I have been getting an all new source of information, my best friend has been randomly hitting me with more links than I can view, so bear with me because you will be seeing a lot of new and interesting information with consistent education!

So here is the great and beneficial Avocado. Avocado is a delicious and very healthy fruit that has various means of preventative compounds that keeps you away from some diseases and makes you feel completely revived! Avocado can be eaten and can be used on your skin; it has benefits to both your health and your beauty.

I can go on and on and bored you by repeating the details in the videos, however I will give you an opportunity to enjoy some nice music and some excellent information. Enjoy!

Juicing: A Lifestyle Choice!

We see many diseases nowadays, it’s really sad. It just seems that cancer is everywhere and diseases are all over the human kind.

Fortunately I decided to make a life choice by buying myself a Juicer, I wanted to eliminate diseases as much as I can. It has been a healthy change and a life altering opportunity. I like juice, but I hate bottled juices because of the simple fact-Its Not Real! I love my new Breville Juicer ( Although I am still contemplating if it’s the right juicer for me!

I was influenced by my boyfriend to make this difference because my body and my lifestyle is the most important thing to insure. I want to influence you to make a change and focus on your health. Watch these videos, one is a little long but worth every minute, though for those who don’t have the time to watch a long video, I have also attached a very useful but shorter video which explains the health benefits of juicing and what juicers are recommended. You need to educate yourself about your health and know what is important for you to live a happier and healthier life. You feel more energy, more happiness, more healthy! Make a change, make an investment on your health!

Ginger is a Miracle Food!

Ginger is effective in combating many illnesses and relieving many other health problems. It seems that such a vegetable helps humans in various ways that are overlooked by people on a daily basis. Indians and Chinese incorporate it in their daily foods and have come to notice its strong health benefits. I have been sick with a strong cold before and was advised by a friend to use ginger tea for remedy, which made me feel better in the long run. I recommend ginger to be incorporated on a daily basis because it seriously is a remedy to many sicknesses and a good nutrition for your health and digestion!

Watch this video for more details:

Coconut Oil: The Answer to All Your Questions!

I was sitting with a friend today that was telling me how Coconut Oil changed her life; her skin, her hair, her health. It just seems that this coconut oil, organic, is so healthy and promotes great skin, hair and digestive system. I did my own research to learn more about this and find proof. I stumbled on few videos which really confirmed how amazing coconut oil is for you. If you have dry skin and need moisture, coconut oil is the answer, if your hair is lacking life, coconut oil is the answer, if you want to eat healthier, coconut oil is the answer.

Watch this video by Doctor Bruce Fife who talks about various benefits of coconut oil.

Furthermore, for girls interested in learning more about how coconut oil can help them, their hair and their skin, watch this next video with Pirouette Makeup.