Autism & Traffic Pollution: A Dangerous Link

So scientist have been studying how Traffic pollution may have a strong link to children being diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder of Autism. Autism is present from early childhood and is characterized by impairment in communicating with others and difficulty forming normal social relationships, moreover it is characterized by repetitiveness of behavior patterns.

It seems that being exposed to high pollution, as a pregnant mother or a new born child, it affects your risk of developing autism to a great deal.

In a finding that points to a link between environmental toxins and autism, a new study shows that children who were exposed to the highest levels of traffic-related air pollution during gestation and in early infancy were three times more likely to be diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder than were those whose early exposure to such pollutants was very low.

Therefore it is important to take into consideration for our young loved ones, or those to come in the future; stay away from pollution, as it does in fact interfere with healthy brain development!

If you live near a freeway or in a location where you are exposed to Pollution at a high rate, you are in fact at an increased risk of developing a neurodevelopmental disorder as Autism.

Please be Aware and Be safe!
Please Pass this along to those that may be exposed to such dangers.

Check out this article for more details:

Autism and early exposure to traffic pollution linked


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