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I hear it over and over again! Popcorn is healthy… Have you ever heard something that you know makes no sense but you want to believe it because it is convenient for you? Well this is one of them. I go to the movies, someone I am with decides they should get popcorn… Seems they heard popcorn is good for you and a healthy snack. What I’ve heard is it consumes over a thousand calories and quite fattening. What do you do in this dilemma? Well most I can do is argue my way into it but we all know where that lead.

Popcorn is good for you.

Is it?

So we know that popcorn is in fact not an unhealthy snack when you make it yourself, however, what can you make of it when it is Movie Popcorn? Full of butter, added butter, and saturated fat. I won’t say any more, I will let you discover on your own. But know this. Popcorn is not bad for you, however, don’t expect a healthy snack in the movies, nothing is healthy in the movies, especially the popcorn. Don’t be fooled and don’t be stuck on your ideas.

Eating for Two!

I have found out of two new mommies close to me in the past month. So it comes to my mind to do a bit of research that may be helpful to new mothers out there living and eating for TWO. We all hear it often, a pregnant woman is a woman living for two. Seems as though she must be eating for two, but that’s not completely true. It seems that research has shown that a new mother should be eating just another bite. What is truly essential for a pregnant woman is her protein and vitamin intake which really affects the womb. It is important for every new mother to keep in mind these specific details. How to get these protein and what to avoid can be seen more in the following videos. On top of that, is morning sickness a worry for you? There are solutions!

Eating Sugar makes You Less of a Man

Sugar brings down your testosterone which in turn brings down muscle mass, increased breast size, more of a belly, loss of hair in the body, trouble getting an erection and more.It seems that eating more sugar causes testosterone deficiency, causing lower enjoyment and quality of life, as symptoms of low testosterone in men include fatigue, depression, loss of motivation, poor concentration, reduction in sex drive, increased risk of osteoporosis, and more.

In fact, as some may already know, overweight men and diabetic men are prone to testosterone deficiency. Studies have shown that “elevated blood levels of insulin correlate with low testosterone. Blood insulin levels rise if you eat sugar, flour, grains, cereals or starches (basically high carbohydrate foods).”

Man or woman, eating too much sugar affects the sex hormone which can impede sex drive and health.

Watch the following video and read the next articles for more details on how sugar can affect your lifestyle and health!


I hear it every and anywhere, drinking DIET coke, SWEETENER rather than sugar, 0 calorie gum, and so much more.

Its been said by many, drinking diet in order to not add fat or calories, well WAKE UP CALL! this is all FAKE! In fact,

You Actually Gain Weight by Using “Artificial Sweeteners”

So contrary to popular belief, Scientist have discovered that Aspartame in fact stimulate your appetite, Increase carbohydrate cravings and stimulate fat storage and weight gain. More so,I just recently discovered, Aspartame which is commonly believed to be healthy for people with diabetes has been shown to worsen insulin sensitivity, I would say more research should be done to confirm that but it is definitely something to look into as all diabetics are taking artificial sweeteners in the belief that it is better for them than sugar.

These are all ideas that must be enhanced for all of those who believe in the ” deception” about aspartame being a diet.

Read the articles and watch the video thoroughly and take it seriously because someone can be told that aspartame is very unhealthy but will still have it. Hopefully telling people its actually fattening might do the job.

Assume Your Position!

So as weird as it may be, science shows that squatting is more healthy and preventative than sitting on a toilet. I remember those “toilets” where you have a whole in the ground and you had to go in there. I always thought it was the weirdest thing and never understood why there is no toilet! Little did I know, this was the RIGHT way to “poop”, for lack of words of putting it. Evidence is in fact out there to show us that the position we use to poop is in fact unhealthy nowadays. They call it the western toilet, though it is in fact everywhere now, every country now has a toilet to sit on. Dr. Mercola tells : ‘‘Sitting on the modern Thomas Crapper-style sit-down toilet is designed to place your knees at a 90-degree angle to your abdomen. However, the time-honored natural squat position places the knees much closer to your torso, and this position actually changes the spacial relationships of your intestinal organs and musculature, optimizing the forces involved in defecation.’’

In fact, our current form of toilet can be the blame for various health problems out there today such as Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Colon Cancer, Hiatal Hernia and GERD, Contamination of the Small Intestine, Gynecological Disorders including Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Uterine Fibroids, Prostate Disorders, Sexual Dysfunction, and many more. It is in fact also potentially problematic for pregnancy and childbirth.

I can go on and on about this issue however I will give you this link to follow and read the article written by Dr. Mercola

It is kind of unfortunate, I feel, when I read this! Do you think we can ever go back to the old days? Would our society allow it? And can we actually get back to the squatting position? In fact, do you actually have the strength to do it or have Your legs become so unable to perform such a squatting position for a period of time? I speak of experience when I do squats for a workout and it is quite difficult!



Scientist have discovered that full ripe banana with dark patches produces a substance called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor). TNF has the ability to combat abnormal cells. In fact, the riper the banana the more TNF it produces, leading to more anti-cancer substance. “Yellow skin banana with dark spots on it is 8x more effective in enhancing the property of white blood cells than green skin version“. This is a lesson for all those who like bananas, and only eat the non-fully ripened ones thinking they are no longer good, or simply for those that stay away from bananas because they simply don’t like them or think they are too fatning. Bananas are a very healthy fruit and now we learn some are anti-cancerous.

However, be careful if you are diabetic, if a banana is over-ripe, it is not good for you because of the high sugar level in it. However a well riped banana is perfectly healthy and better than non-riped banana. Bananas are good to incorporate in your diet if you are diabetic; simply mention is not to eat OVER riped bananas.

Read the following articles and learn more about the specific nutritions in Bananas.

Cayenne Pepper is a Quality Fruit

Studies have shown that Cayenne pepper is very beneficial for you! It’s actually very interesting to hear how beneficial and preventative these peppers are. It is in fact one of the most powerful herbs with the most healing power. Dr Akilah El enumerates to us all the benefits that capsicum has to the human body, such as healing the heart and the stomach, acting as a preventative to illnesses, and even acting as a form of weigh loss. There are far many benefits that you can learn about and learn more about through watching her video. It’s short, it’s interesting and it’s fun!

Check out this video and learn how you should incorporate this form of capsicum (pepper) into your daily diet!
Hint, You will also learn why I called it a FRUIT!