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Make sure to watch these videos before you continue… Absolutely follow the following instruction and you will understand why it is very crucial you do this.

This seems about right …. right?


This is unfortunately the sad reality where people are constantly being misled in their health. advertisement, campaigns and false information. “A new Coca-Cola ad campaign focuses on the mistaken belief that beating obesity is a matter of counting calories. All calories are NOT the same, and obesity is the result of consuming too many of the wrong type of calories” This in fact is true.

NOW…. Watch the following video which clearly demonstrates the HONEST reality:

It comes to show how we can so easily be fooled to believe anything they want us to believe…

Does it make sense of how something with such high sugar taste can be 0 CALORIES? Some fall in the group of people that IGNORE to question unnatural “advertisement” because maybe it’s just easier and more convenient to believe than the truth. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE…

Please be aware and ask questions when things do not make sense and be sure not to be fooled by such easily altered Realities. As you see, Altering realities is very possible and easy. Don’t be easily fooled. You have a mind, use it!

Soybean Oil…. Did You Know?

soybean-oilProcessed foods we all knew, harmful and damaging to your health. We have heard it before, don’t buy frozen foods and so on, but what we failed to be advised is the  factual  reason WHY these processed foods are so bad for us. So it shows, ‘soybean oil is the most harmful ingredient in processed food’, as well as the second ingredient of high fructose corn syrup. Both together cause a dysfunction and chaos in your body from trans-fat and their genetically engineered origin. It’s genetically engineered (GE) origin is what makes it the most HARMFUL oil out there.

“If you want to avoid dangerous fats of all kinds, your best bet is to eliminate processed foods from your diet.”

News to your ears  from one sense, but I bet you knew the basics….

Be careful and be aware of your health!

For more details:

Winter Sweats

So winter is here you can’t avoid it but what u can avoid is sitting on your ass at home and complaining about your lack of exercise and diet ! Its too cold to run outside … I have no car to get to a gym… I can’t afford….
STOP! You can never bargain on your health!

There are always options, there is always a way! Your just lazy and that’s the truth!

Check this link out and make sure you pay close attention, because there are ways to work out, even in this cold winter!

Hope this changes some people’s views…

Awareness is Heart!

What is wellness? What is health? Easy… eating right, staying in shape, basically keeping your body and mind safe. Right?

We really are blessed to feel this way. In fact, if you are reading this, you are more than blessed because you have more than what the necessities of life are.

Some out there are suffering from famine, they can’t even think of eating *healthy* or eating *well* or keeping their body and mind *safe* because they themselves are not safe. They have no choice but to eat what they can get, if they get. Some can hardly think twice of what they are given, some are dying from hunger and others dying from war. Is it fair?

This is different then other blogs, but I want to open your eyes to something important about this life we are given and the blessings we are allowed. Appreciate and give.

Make awareness a possibility! Spread the word and don’t take life for granted!

Watch this video if you can  (it is 3 of 7) …
If you really care about it, please watch the rest of the videos of War Photographer James Nachtwey.

To see touching photographs from James Natchwey, take a look at his website:

Mixing Booze with Energy Drinks is a No No

So many I see ordering vodka red bull …. sure it may taste good and get you going but to what risk?

Studies show that mixing a stimulant with a depressant is very dangerous and can cause great risk of injury and impairment.

Be careful and don’t take the bad risks because there are some you can’t turn back!

Vitamin K for Killer Bones!

We have been told that we must consume calcium to keep our bones strong and healthy…. it seems we’ve missed an essential source. Vitamin K… which is found in green vegetables is a strong source to keep our bones young and vital!

Foods that provide vitamin K include “leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collards, swiss chard, mustard greens, turnip greens and parsley as well as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and green and romaine leaf lettuce. Asparagus, avocado and peas also contain smaller amounts of vitamin K.”

In fact if you are curious about this, try out this new recipe found in the link below

And for For more information on Vitamin K.

Keep your priorities straight and know what is good for you

Feeling Down?

My brother was so excited when he found this link about depression and diet drinks; when he found out I thought it was a great blog idea, he was so happy. So, I must give him the credit for this one. Thanks G!



There seems to be a high association between diet sodas and depression. Sure it is not scientifically proven that this in fact is the sole and/or actual reason for the depression however the link between the two is there.

“A new study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health finds that fruit and soft drink drinkers are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who didn’t regularly drink sweetened beverages.”

Read more:

Not to mention, these drinks have also been linked to other health issues such as stroke & obesity. Therefore, pay attention to your health and be careful to always be healthy  because You Are The Cause of Your Own Danger.

Take care & Pay attention to your Health & wellness!

Too Much Sleep Is Too Little Sleep

Many of us, after sleeping more than the required 7 hours, feel restless and even more exhausted than anything. Why is that you ask yourself ? Well, truth is, when you oversleep you are under sleeping! What this means is you only over sleep when you have not slept enough leading to exhaustion and lack of routine. I am certain that almost everyone of you has experienced this feeling and simply can’t begin to understand how it makes any sense. Sleeping a lot is not a good rest. Stay healthy and follow the rules of sleep! Take a look at the following link to learn more about this.

Dating… It’s More Than Chance!

Dating has it’s own science. You have three options when dating: Being yourself, Lying and Manipulating or Using positive communication skills. Watch this experiment to find out more about the Science of Attraction. In conclusion to all three techniques, experiment shows that being yourself is the most effective dating technique and developing positive communication skills can only help you more, but no lies because they can only go so far and will end up being revealed with time. A liar cannot keep up with his lies but a real person can only become better as he has only ONE goal to focus on and that is to become better.


Check this out; it is very interesting!                               Where do you stand?



According to Paula Davis, there are “10 Things Happy People Do Differently”. If you care to become a happy person for the year to come, here is what you should be aiming at!









1. They build strong social connections
2. They engage in activities that fit their strengths, values and lifestyle
3. They practice gratitude
4. They have an optimistic view in life
5. They know it’s good to do good
6. They know that materialism is not everything
7. They develop healthy coping strategies
8. Their primary goal is their health
9. They care to cultivate their spirituality
10. They have a goal that they strive to accomplish

Being a happy person bring you better life, longer life, and healthier life… What is important for you?