Your Body Talks To You!

body_quirks_solvedA good friend of mine has passed on this amazing link which teaches you things you have always wondered about.

“Our bodies sometimes do strange things for seemingly no reason” Truth is, there is always a reason and we can finally learn what these reasons are.

Why our Eye twitches, why we have mystery bruises, explaining brain freeze, and more… Our body has a reason for every move it makes.

Read the following link for more details

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  1. Hello, I have one question my left eye sometimes just turn red, the whole eye or the whole white eye (whatever you call them) it doesnt happen every day but it does happen every now and then. i dont know if it caused by stress, dust, wind or something else. i mean i exercise regularly and eat good vegies and food and seldom on junk food. it doesnt hurt at all and my vision doesnt go blurry too. some days it just turns red on the white eye part, it does not go red all over the white thing just some part of it. hope this make sense, any advise thanking you mate!

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