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Happy marriage= Happy Health

Nowadays, people fear marriage, people avoid marriage and prefer staying ‘alone’ or prefer to stay ‘unmarried’. Well studies today show that happily married couples are healthier than those unmarried couples. This does not mean that married couple are literally more ‘healthy’, but the support of a happily married couple is beyond the single stress of an unmarried person or couple. Truth is, You feel more cared for, therefore taking more care of yourself.

happy marriage

“Engaging with your spouse is not going to cure cancer, but building stronger relationships can improve both people’s spirits and well-being and lower their stress” Christine Proulx

This is not to say that an unhappy marriage does not exist, believe that being in an unhappy marriage is NOT healthy nor happy. Just take in consideration that one must not fear that all marriages are bad.

“Negativity can be so destructive on a human being that having an unhappy partnership should be assessed and possibly ended” Lynn Ruediger


Back Pain: Why Me?

Many of us suffer from Back pain, back pain is common through sitting too much, standing too much, and the list goes on.

We have all experienced back pain in some way or another but some of us, it seems much more consistent. Why is that?

Science shows that some are more prone to back pain and this can be explained through the back arc, which may require surgery, this condition is called “Scoliosis”.

It is important to take into consideration that some back pain can be prevented through keeping hydrated, staying active, losing weight and not smoking.

Watch this video and follow this link for more information, and remember to take precautions!

Soy is Healthy: WRONG!

Many of us believe that Soy is healthy and great serving for people that like to stay away from the fat from regular milk for example or those that need more Protein such as vegetarians.

This video by Dr. Mercola exposes us to the truth about SOY. Soy is Dangerous.

One of the negative factors is the estrogenic property in SOY.. which is not good for boys for the obvious effect and bad for young girls for the fact that they are given high estrogen from a young age giving them a boost to hormonal maturing faster.

It is unfortunate that vegetarians rely on Soy for their protein, however the risks are higher than the benefits.

SOY plant is genetically modified, therefore is harming and unhealthy for us.

Soy milk is a common source of SOY, which is also a contributor to thyroid dysfunction.

WARNING: Soy infant formula is the biggest concern, this is high in toxic minerals and high concentrations of estrogen which is high risk to a child.

Watch the following video to learn the truth about SOY:




A recall has been posted about “Bumble Bee Tuna Chunk White Albacore” cans having loose seals, possibly causing illness if consumed.

Be sure, if in contact with one of these 2.4 million cans of tuna, to discard it at once.

For more information about the recall or reimbursement, consumers may call (888) 820-1947.

Or refer to the following link:,0,4648409.story

Shake OFF The Salt Shaker !


Salt… Sure it’s delicious when added to foods. It gives a TASTE, it changes the whole EXPERIENCE.
But what about your health? Does it matter to you if you have Diabetes, Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure?

Salt is the Devil’s drug… Sad to say, but for some people it is in fact like a drug. The more the better, the less The worse their food is.

According to the American Heart Association, your daily sodium dose should be 1,500 mg (about 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon of regular table salt). Most North Americans take in around 3,600 mg. About 75 percent is from restaurant and processed foods (that turkey and bread in your lunch are examples); 12 percent is naturally found in food; and another 11 percent is added while cooking and eating at home. High-salt diets are associated with high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and stomach cancer. And a new study shows that if everyone cut their salt intake by 40 percent (it would still be sky-high at 2,200mg), that alone could save a half a million lives in the next 10 years!


Needless to say, Salt has been the reason for many health problems and it is one of the easier ways to avoid that risk. Salt is not only the amount of powdered salt that you put in your food, its much more than that. Salt is the amount of SODIUM in everyday foods that you buy. These are processed foods, dressings, sauces, and more. SOY is a perfect example of source of SALT that many of us ignore, which in fact carries over thousands of milligrams of sodium. For the Top 10 Foods Highest in Sodium, visit

Watch this short video for quick tips:

So advice of the Day: Cut down your Salt and make good Judgment by Default.


I have to say… Ever since I posted about this Green Coffee Bean Extract, I have been researching and reviewing if this pill is actually worth it and HEALTHY.

However, though I saw many reviews that gave it positive feedback, though I STILL AM NOT CONVINCED. As I saw a video with Brenda Leigh Turner, I just gave up on the idea. I mean supplements… I have never been able to support supplements like the ones in green coffee extract. All these supplement diets I know are not good for you, I have never supported such a supplement and it has been bothering me since I posted about this extract. Don’t get me wrong I have been hoping they were legitimate and healthy but I think being rather Safe than Sorry is much better. Let’s say they do work. What happens when you stop? Do you gain the weight back and more? Like Dr. Bernstein … I have know many that have done it, and gained the weight all back and more.

SO. I am sorry if I gave some of you hope, but You will need to make that decision on your own because to tell you the truth, I can’t support something that I am not 100% about. I fear this supplement, therefore, I will skip this idea for myself. You make the decision for yourself.

I must say all the advertisement, its working… I know a LivingSocial Deal has come out, and over 400 people have bought it. It’s scary, I guess we can’t tell just yet what the deal is with it.


Intermittent Fasting is The New Healthy

What better way than to talk about fasting than during this lent period… It is questionable if fasting and staying without food for a long period of time is healthy or unhealthy for your body.

So it seems…

Studies show that when one fasts for a certain period of time during the day, it is a healthy process that is very beneficial for weight loss. So fasting and keeping your body fed for only about 8 hours a day is a great benefit.

Mercola states: “Intermittent calorie restriction appears to provide the same health benefits as constant calorie restriction, which may be helpful for those who cannot successfully reduce their everyday calorie intake”

This is indeed true, I know I am one to have difficulty reducing my calories intake, but what if you had no choice, like lent, or simply fasting for the hell of it? You would indeed be more healthy.

For more details on scientifically WHY… please see the website at

Enjoy this new knowledge and take advantage of the opportunity to help you body!