Happy marriage= Happy Health

Nowadays, people fear marriage, people avoid marriage and prefer staying ‘alone’ or prefer to stay ‘unmarried’. Well studies today show that happily married couples are healthier than those unmarried couples. This does not mean that married couple are literally more ‘healthy’, but the support of a happily married couple is beyond the single stress of an unmarried person or couple. Truth is, You feel more cared for, therefore taking more care of yourself.

happy marriage

“Engaging with your spouse is not going to cure cancer, but building stronger relationships can improve both people’s spirits and well-being and lower their stress” Christine Proulx

This is not to say that an unhappy marriage does not exist, believe that being in an unhappy marriage is NOT healthy nor happy. Just take in consideration that one must not fear that all marriages are bad.

“Negativity can be so destructive on a human being that having an unhappy partnership should be assessed and possibly ended” Lynn Ruediger

Read more at http://www.arcamax.com/health/healthtips/s-1300493-365772#xBf3eMq9fKwqbZUv.99


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