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You and Your Happiness!

happy-faceIt is known sense that happiness causes you to be healthier, that is, the endorphins (feel-good hormones) that grow inside cause you to live longer and in better health. Science shows that “If you gain happiness from helping other people, you produce gene expressions that make your body more resistant to disease.But folks who are happy because they’re pleasing themselves (how’s that reflection lookin’, Narcissus?) throw genetic switches that make them less health”
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So here it is, Care and take Care of others and your body will take Care of you!

Moon Rush: Did You Know?


Seems that when the moon glows, it lowers your levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and causes a 33 percent drop in brain signals that allow for deep sleep

So studies have shown that a full moon can affect our sleep and this article can show each of us how to fight these facts and get the sleep needed for our health; such as sleeping on time, keeping the room dark, get your body ready for a full sleep,and more. Please take 2 minutes and read more at

This might sound impossible as a fact, but researchers have in fact studied it.

Enjoy your moon tonight and sleep tight!

‘Full Profit’ Organizations… Your Awareness!

If you have donated money before, it probably crossed your mind, where does this money actually go? Are they really a NON PROFIT organization or is it bogus? I donate to couple organizations and truthfully speaking, after going to africa with an organization, it really makes me even more worried about where my money is going. Is it actually going to the children and families or in the pockets of the organization leaders?

Sadly, most of the money being donated to many of these charity organizations is going to the selfish pocket. It is unfortunately more common than we would like to believe. I have witnessed it myself. No comments. However, I do wish to have you all aware of where your money is going. Sadly, even with the knowledge of this immoral action, what does one do? Do you expose the organization by cutting off ANY help these people are getting, such as African children? Or do you allow the organization to keep steeling? That is a tough one, but immorality from these organizations, especially these religious-based ones who claim to be spreading the word of God. This is sick!

Watch this video for a list of Bad Charities… and follow the link.

Our Brain & ‘Our’ Free Will

So free will is a controversial concept, some believe we have free will, others not really.

I stumbled upon this article about free will and our brains and found it very interesting to say the least. We can in fact believe we have free will and full control of our actions but what happens when an injury or brain alteration happens, such as tumor?

So studies have shown that a tumor in the brain can alter someone’s personality to the point of complete change of one’s self control or even will.

Neuroscientists and psychologists are working in understanding our drives and motivations.They are recognizing a strong importance of the subconscious in decision-making.

Read the following story and make a decision of your own about your free will.

Do Your Orgasms Have an Age?

We all believe that when one gets old/older, they do not have the drive to do sexual things. “My mom and dad don’t have sex anymore”. Fortunately, this is a false believe. However, it is important to keep updated, as you grow older, know what you need to do in order to stay sexually active, especially after the age of 50.

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