Sugar Sugar How You Taste So Fine?

You want taste, you want to enjoy your food, however it all comes with a cost!

We underestimate how much sugar is in our food, some foods such as yogurt, oatmeal and other `healthy`foods so we think.

What is advertised as *healthy* is not as healthy as it seems.
Healthy foods have added sugars which are never perceived, such as tomato soup.

Obesity rates are rising and spreading!

Inexpensive, good tasting supersized foods should be a concern, as obese people have a higher risk for chronic diseases such as Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer and more.

‘’More than 100 million people are diabetic or pre-diabetic in North America.’’

Fructose additive in sugar is a large problem for health.

Sugar can make existing tumours grow within the body, therefore causing a higher risk of cancer.

How much sugar should we eat per day
Women: 6 tsps a day
Men: 9 tsp. a day

These are all random facts, BUT!

Please Watch this video and TAKE ALL THE TIME, do not rush into it or avoid it, it is ALL important for Warning us.

This will change your life!

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