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Got Milk? Bye Bye Arthritis!

As a baby, your Mother used to feed you milk for your nutrition, but as you grow older.. does it still have a purpose?  Should we still drink milk as adults? That was a debate, because it seems that many are lactose intolerant… why?

Well until this article, I really asked myself that question.  But so it seems, especially for women. Milk is actually very helpful and healthy.

A new study finds women who drink more milk have healthier knees.

Drinking milk reduces progression of osteoarthritis in women. Drinking non fat or low-fat milk helps keep the joints connecting the bones healthy in knees.

So ladies, if you see your joints reacting not in your favor, maybe consider taking your milk dose and see how it changes your lifestyle.

As for men, milk has not related to any results.

Read this article for more details: