Self Control or Self Controlled?

I am sure we all remember the Marshmallow experiment… I remember learning it in high school.

Parent says if you keep this marshmallow in front of you and don’t eat it until the parent comes back, you will get two. Can you resist? Can you control yourself and wait?

This is the Marshmallow test that Walter Mischel talks about in this article on CBC,

Take this in for a second, you can always be strong enough to control your mind, and this will define you. The harder you work for yourself, the better you feel, so always strive to better yourself and your mind, because something as simple as the marshmallow experiment can teach you self-control which will go far with you your whole life.

Listen to this:

Walter Mischel also talks about how this experiment can help you learn self control in your life.

Hear more:

Instand gratification or delayed gratification, which would you strive for?

Watch some of these examples:

Now, if you have a second, take a look at this article

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