Ebola: Will this be the end?

So many are being infected by this modern outbreak. What is it exactly? We still don’t know. But North American science is in action and we are slowly trying to tame this. In this article, health officials are working to reduce risks into the country though nothing is certain, vaccines are being slowly attempted for human trials. Let’s hope this is the answer, because so it seems this is slowing showing to become the next H1N1.

Let’s hope there is answers to this epidemic as this is killing thousands and on going.

Read http://m.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/canadian-made-ebola-vaccine-to-start-clinical-trials-in-healthy-humans/article21079505/?service=mobile for more detailed news.

Watch breaking news:


PS. Read this article about Ebola, and TAKE PRECAUTION:



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