Be a Critical Thinker!

Many of us just hear something and take face value for whatever is said.

So called “Facts” … What makes it a fact if someone says it? This is the true thinking you must always do.

Just because someone says something is good for you, must you believe?

Just because someone tells you its unhealthy to do something , do you believe them?

What if I told you working out 7 days a week was good for you… Do any lights pop? Do you just believe or do you question?

Here it is. The best deal!

Always question, why is this person saying this? Who is saying this? When are they coming up with this? Is there a reason why they feel this way? Many questions must be popping in your head when your told a “Fact”. Because Fact is… No one is perfect and no one knows everything , despite what they believe. So question… Do just be a puppet. Listen and probe….

I have a friend that always questions me and it only makes me question more, question myself, only to learn that sometimes I’m wrong.

So, take it from me, I don’t know everything and even what I say should be questioned…

Like they say, you can’t believe everything you read. Right?

See this link for a good illustration, you’ll love it!

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