Any Thoughts?

I have had thoughts of suicide, I have been through depression, I have been so sad and lost in periods of my life that I really questioned why I was here.


And this is what you need to remember if you ever are having sad times, negative thoughts, scary thoughts.

Have you imagined what life would be like if you were gone? Are you still wondering why are you still alive? Are you now depressed, suicidal, or even planning your death? Sounds scary huh? Well…. it happens.

Take the time to quickly read this article, it`s actually someone a friend of mine knows, and they would have NEVER IMAGINED.

Well, what about Robin William? Would have never guessed right?

Let me tell you this, from experience, the happiest looking and funniest sounding people are sometimes the most unhappy and this is also because this is their mask, this is how they hide from the world how they truly feel.

Be aware, listen to your surrounding, if someone needs a hand, lend it, if someone is acting odd, Probe. If YOU are in need of a hand, ask! You have a way out, Just be strong, it passes…

Don`t give up on yourself, YOU CAN SURVIVE THIS!

There is always a light after a large tunnel of darkness.

Wish you all positive energy, love and health.

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  1. It is so important for us to discuss depression and anxiety..The more its discussed the more knowledgable we get and can pick up on warning signs. These can be the hardest illnesses as they are not visable.

  2. I constantly try to get my stepson out with people so that he does not wall himself off from interaction with people. His tendency to isolate drives his depression deeper and he has a hard time seeing that. What a difference it makes when someone asks “How are you?” and they actually expect a reply. Too many people ask as if it is a blank formality. Sad….

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