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We have all seen public campaigns and some amazing advertisement that totally touched us.

I experienced that today, a good friend of mine shared this with me and I was absolutely Amazed.

So, I want to share that with you.

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Are You Wounded?

Wound…. You automatically think physical right?

Well no, not true.

Lets talk about abuse… When a child is abused at home, people automatically think physically.

Oh no, the child is getting physically abused… that is bad right? It is taken really seriously… If a woman is being physically abused by her partner, that is very serious and Police come when advised right?

What about Emotional Abuse? Not taken so seriously huh? You don’t see the Police taking a call serious if someone calls to say I am being emotionally abused. Ya… exactly.


Depression, we get over it right? It’s just a phase, it will pass…. These are many assumptions and statements about emotional pain. But, we must take it more seriously. Seriously!

If you feel that you are extremely sad or lonely, dont neglect it and heal it, seek help, seek hope. Do not allow yourself to feel that negativity because it WILL kill you. This is no joke. In fact, many do die from a broken heart, don’t be the next Broken heart, allow yourself to heal.


You must take the steps to take control of your emotions and fight them, seek help from others and don’t hold it in. Dont allow negative feelings to reside inside your heart, because most of the time, they are treatable, if you allow yourself to treat them.

I can ramble on and on about this topic because I have so many loved ones suffering through sadness, pain and hurt, but I want them all to feel better, know that I am here.

Remember, someone is there for you, don’t allow yourself to believe all the negativity that can live inside you.

Please take a few minutes and listen to Guy Winch as he describes to us all how to treat your heart.

Take care of your emotions, your minds, with the same diligence you take care of our bodies.

Guy Winch, psychologist

How to Build Your Happiness!

Being Happy… You can totally contribute to your happiness. You dont have to let your life just simply pass you by…

You must work on your happiness, and it will be GRATIFYING.

How? It’s simple…

In this video you can see a few ways to better your life, and become happier.

Don’t just settle and assume This is Life…. No. It is NOT.

Yes, there will be ups and downs to your life, but you CAN attain HAPPINESS, with few simple ways.

Take a few minutes to watch this video, and learn how, by:

GRATITUDE (what to be thankful for)

OPTIMISTISM (be optimistic about positive expectations about your future)

DONT OVERTHINK (negative overthinking sucks)

GET AWAY FROM ADDICTIONS (that bring negative thinking to your life)

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS (interconnected society and quality relationships)

SAVOR LIFE’S JOYS (take the time to appreciate little things, stop rushing)

MEDITATION (calm your mind and quiet negative thoughts)

FLOW (give yourself time to focus and be in flow-relaxed)

SEEK GOALS  (and accomplish)

HAVE LIFE PURPOSE….. (What is yours?)

Stay Positive… It is All You Got!

To some people being positive about life is more difficult than others… It is not fair when you are down and unhappy and others have it much worse.

What do you say to that?

Should you control it or screw it because you deserve to let yourself feel what you think you want to feel.

I mean who wants to feel frustration, sadness, helplessness, pain, hurt, unhappiness, disappointment?

Do you?

I know I dont, I want always be happy and find joy in everything I do, but do I…

It’s easier said than done, right?

Yes I absolutely understand you, but let me tell you a little secret… when you make yourself believe it, you will!

science doesn’t lie when they say you can trick your brain to believing your happy. When you are sad, push a smile for 10-20 seconds and I promise you, you will start feeling smiley and happy. because your brain really starts to believe your happy.

You don’t believe me, try it to yourself,  or even better, research it I won’t find you a link because I an certain that information is so well practiced and researched that it will be easy for you to find without believing I’m biased on me research.

So today, if your having a bad day. Try to put the biggest smile on your face and see how in 3 seconds you can change your while mood.

If that doesn’t do the job, take a look at this beautiful video of a woman that should seem to lose all hope but fights with all the smiles and happiness she could share.

Inspirational. Sensational.  Impressionable.

Why Humans DownLoad Slower!

Download huh? What is this girl talking about!

Ya, ya, Download, Grow, Develop, exactly that.

Why are we different than animals? Why are new born horses able to start running as soon as they are born? Why are birds able to hunt for themselves as soon as they are hatched? Why are we not as smart right away? Interesting questions right? Well this is why…

It has all to do with our mother. Harsh huh?

I don`t want to break the ice; read this article (or listen) to learn something quite outstanding…–your-difficult-birth?utm_source=pocket&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pockethits


Enjoy the rest of your day!


Why So Negative?

Tis the season … the weather sucks, the air is cold, this is the time when we get the blues. For some, it’s always that time…

I have a thought for you, do not let yourself go down that lane and fight the negativity, fight the depression, fight the hopelessness!

Here it is, You ready…?

Here is the secret.

1. Be GRATEFUL for what is positive in your life, whatever is good, show gratitude; that can also mean something as simple as starting a journal, and writing what you are thankful for from your day, write in your journal every day.

2. Repeat POSITIVE affirmations: Anything with repetition will start to become believable…. I am happy I am happy I am happy, you start to believe it.

3. CHALLENGE negative thinking: choose to not to dwell on them, stay away from that focus, and choose to interpret negative ideas into a more positive idea that will overpower the negative.

Here is a little more information if you care to better your emotions and your life…

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE you will get the hang of it, and it WILL change your life.