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Too Much of A Good Thing?

Too much of something is not good…. In some terms or another…. we’ve all heard it before.

Yes, some may say that eating nuts is healthy or fruits are good sugar and so the list goes on… But too much of anything becomes unhealthy!

So let me give you a word of advice, YES absolutely there are healthy foods that you should definitely consume but Everything has limits.

What do I mean? Let me give you few examples that come to the top of my head. 

Coffee: very healthy. BUT. having too many cups a day becomes BAD for you. and furthermore, adding the extra cream and sugar, or making a Full on Latte with the syrups and so on is plain unhealthy! it messes with your heart and your sugars, not to mention forget about your sleep.

Nuts: very good source of fat and gives you the boost you need, but what’s a good boost when you have consumed too much to the point of feeling crappy or having the sugary or salty nuts; yes the salted almonds or salted cashews. What’s the point then?

Fruits: Oh God yes fruits are the best natural healthy sugars but what’s healthy when you have over consumed sugars? or had them at the end of the night… Real sugar or Fake sugar…. comes out to same result.

I can go on and on about over consumption but you get the drill…..

Limits are good. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it’s still healthy if you consume it all day and abuse it.

Water is bigger than You!


Let me tell you something about water…

Without it you don’t live
Without it you can’t stay healthy
Without it you can’t lose weight
Without it you Feel weak
Without it You are not whole
Your body is mostly made up of water mass and without it you will not survive.
Without Water, your body stops working properly.

Enough about what lack of water causes.

Let’s see if you are drinking enough of it.

Follow this link and let me know if I have made a few things clearer for you.