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Divorce Should Not Be Instinct!

Divorce can seem simple right…
Two people no longer love each other and chose to move on without one another. Life is too short,  divorce is the answer…


Divorce nowadays is an answer to anything and everything gone wrong.

People don’t even try anymore and decide it’s Over because that *Spark* is no longer there, or that *Love* is lost …. but what is the meaning of Love?

Here we are in 2015…. Divorce rates are off the walls and people make that the solution to something so normal.

Love needs work….
Respect needs work….
Trust needs work…
CHILDREN….. need work, love, trust and example!

Are we showing an example to our children when we are divorcing?

This is not to say Divorce is never an answer to a broken marriage… but think twice about the reason why this marriage is breaking… and if divorce in fact is the solution …

In this day in age…. people don’t seem to think about what they are leaving behind and who they are affecting…. if you have Children. .. it is ten times harder and making a decision to get a divorce should not be taken lightly… Here is a quick video about what Divorce can do to children.

Think about Divorce…

Is it really the answer? 
Or do you just need work?

Let’s not forget…

Risky Business….Creativity!

Being Creative… that means intelligence… that means Mindful… That means Thoughtful. .. It means Mental… Mental Illness that is.

What do I mean? Well… its unfortunate actually that something so positive can cause something so negative.

Neuroscientists discovered a genetic link between mental illness and creativity…

Why that is? It is because of the personality and the traits of a Creative person…. constantly thinking, wondering, experiencing so many cognitive processes that never stop… leading to risks of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and these types of mental disorders.

Our findings suggest that creative people may have a genetic predisposition towards thinking differently which, when combined with other harmful biological or environmental factors, could lead to mental illness.” – Robert Power, first author from the MRC Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP) Centre at the I0PPN. (source)

Some traits of creative people include: independence, risk taking, high energy, curiosity, humour, emotional and artistic.

Some negative traits include: impulsive, argumentative, and hyper active.

I strongly suggest you read “Creativity is Forever.” Published by Davis Gary about these traits discovered.

So if you are someone that is creative or have these traits…. be careful and don’t put too much on you.

Give your mind a break!

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