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It’s Your Attitude!

They way you view life can alter everything about you. They say the way you see life makes the person you become well Why not look at your surroundings,  your experiences, and your feelings in a much better attitude. … Positivity is beyond ability.

Change the way you see life today and you might notice…. Life… It’s not that bad!

Quick quote before I send you off…

Be the Change You wish to See in the World   Mahatma Gandhi

Now… Take a look!

Roast Your Veggies

Making healthy  food can be very timely and this causes us to eat unhealthy easy to make foods such as quick fixes or take out… even more unhealthy on average.  The healthiest is to prepare and be aware of what you feed your body.

Here is a healthy and useful tip that you can easily incorporate into your life.


Roast your veggies and add them to all your meals.  Because it’s that easy and that healthy!

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A story to Make You & Break You

Here is a story of a man who so highly educated studied and achieved so much in his life to only fall in the hands of schizophrenia and homelessness after completing it.

Its really sad seeing how this Harvard Graduate, and man of such education can lose his way the way he did.

This is quite inspirational how he wanted to reach so high and craved so much …. but sad how this happened.

Read this… its unbelievably believable.