Confidence comes Within

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt,

You of all people know that YOU have control of your own feelings and YOU decide when to be happy, sad or worthless because you are in control of your own emotions.

Have you heard of thus experiment where if you put a smile on your face for 30 seconds you will actually start feeling happy? because you have control to trick your brain into thinking you are Happy…. So why Not?

Be in control of yourself…. Be in control of your emotions. YOU control how you feel when you feel and what to feel. Don’t allow others to put you down. Put yourself up! 

Be confident ! Be the best you can be… Become all that you can … why? Because you CAN! So Take Control and don’t allow anyone to bring you down. It is all in You!

You are Beautiful! You are Strong! You are Worthy! Be YOU and don’t let anyone stop you from being the best You!

Remember: It takes hitting rock bottom sometimes to reach the sky. So Embrace it and don’t give up!

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