It’s Kombucha!

Have you ever heard of Kombucha? If you haven’t, don’t worry. I haven’t until recently too.


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented beverage made from tea that is refreshing (especially as the weather heats up) but also great for you. The drink is essentially fermented tea: it’s made from sweetened tea, usually black, that is fermented by a bacteria and yeast culture and ends up full of probiotics as a result.

So this drink is a delicious blend and is very beneficial, it is great in moderation.

If you love sparkling drinks, you will love Kambucha.

This drinks has many benefits, such as:

  • Joint health and PH benefits (helps arthritis, etc.)
  • helps digestion, due to enzymes and probiotics inside it
  • detoxifying cleansing properties for the body
  • antioxidants, from its black tea component which helps immune health
  • energizing health properties

Memo to self: Look for the raw Kambucha and like anything in life, consume in moderation as it does have sugar.

Watch Dr. Axe as he gives you a heads up on this great source:

This is great right?

Read more on Kambucha at Huffington Post or Washington Post, it’s worth learning more about this great fizzy drink.

Here are two videos on how to make Kombucha:

Video One

Video Two

Choose the one that you like best, or you can go on youtube and find your own way for making Kambucha.

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