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Why so Un-a*Peel*ing?

Bananas are meant to be eaten right? Of course, so what’s the big deal with the peel? Apparently, you should EAT IT. They say it is in fact a healthy part of the banana, so if you throw those out, as I do, think again because if you can forget about the bitter taste and texture, you really might benefit yourself.

I was just as surprised as you, I mean it’s the peel, it is meant to be thrown out, not eaten. Boy were we wrong!

As it seems, the banana peel has healthy substance that the inside of the banana itself does not.

Banana peel lowers your cholesterol, with its high soluble and insoluble fibers. They contain high potassium and electrolytes as well. By not peeling he banana and eating the whole thing, you also are happier and sleep better because of its high levels of serotonin it releases, the happy hormone. It also has a high source of antioxidants, keeping you healthy, slim and boosts your immune system. It also strengthens your red blood cells, through oxygen distribution.

Did you know that?

Banana peels can optimize the health of your eyes because of their high levels of lutien. Lutien is a compound that aids in night vision capability and it helps prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

Remember… It is only healthy if you eat organic bananas/peels, as non-organic bananas are sprayed with pesticides which defeats all purpose for a healthy fruit. This goes with many other fruits where eating the peel is healthy.

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Goals & Means: Confused ?

“Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age.” – Albert Einstein

It is exactly what this world is missing in our day in age.

Goals… it is neglected.
Means.. especially material.. is always the ultimate aim.

Do you see a 16 year old kid wake up one day to tell his parents. I need to work because I want to raise money to build up my passion? Or I want to raise money to help the poor? None of that.

It is always to have money to buy their own things.. to spend on going out. To HAVE money! Money seems to buy us material these days and it’s what society bases you by. Are you poor.. Are you rich..

But what it is richness? The money you have or the goals you have? Some may definitely say it’s money  but have you thought of how rich *happy* you will be if you had goals.  or better yet if you actually achieved those goals? Ofcourse for most of you that’s news Or neglect… but what else is new? We live in a society that sells means it sells money it sells material.

Let us wake up on this holiday season for all. There is bigger things in life that matter so this new year, let yourself focus on the bigger things and create goals for yourself and I am not talking about your new year’s resolution.  I am talking about something more meaningful to Your happiness and success.

Live better, Life with goals and passions, not with money.

Have a good Monday morning!

Are You Truly Happy?

It’s cute to read this and wonder if I AM truly happy. I read every piece of these statements of a happy person and I believe I may be a pretty happy person. Ofcourse there are ups and downs to everyone’s life, there may be situations or conditions in your life where you are down, up, maybe even confused, but… Are you HAPPY, in general?

Truly happy people do the following:

  • celebrate others’ success
  • use a variety of stress coping strategies
  • are content with what they have right now
  • problem solve instead of worry
  • forgive easily, especially themselves
  • sleep well
  • laugh easily
  • hang out with other happy people
  • truly and deeply love
  • look forward to something specific
  • are able to smile, even when they’re alone
  • have a sense of satisfaction from something in their lives
  • frequently experience gratitude
  • rarely get angry at small stuff
  • rarely bored
  • take care of their bodies

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