Are You Truly Happy?

It’s cute to read this and wonder if I AM truly happy. I read every piece of these statements of a happy person and I believe I may be a pretty happy person. Ofcourse there are ups and downs to everyone’s life, there may be situations or conditions in your life where you are down, up, maybe even confused, but… Are you HAPPY, in general?

Truly happy people do the following:

  • celebrate others’ success
  • use a variety of stress coping strategies
  • are content with what they have right now
  • problem solve instead of worry
  • forgive easily, especially themselves
  • sleep well
  • laugh easily
  • hang out with other happy people
  • truly and deeply love
  • look forward to something specific
  • are able to smile, even when they’re alone
  • have a sense of satisfaction from something in their lives
  • frequently experience gratitude
  • rarely get angry at small stuff
  • rarely bored
  • take care of their bodies

Now, Read 16 signs that youre happier than you think and see how you might be happier than you think!


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