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Take These Out Your Fridge Right Now!

Some foods should be put in the fridge to stay edible and healthy. Some you should keep away from your fridge for health purposes.

So watch and learn:

Fresh herbs

To learn more…See

Brain of Sexes

This video is absolutely hilarious!

Check out the difference between women Brain and men brain… Yes… it’s somewhat true, sadly.

Enjoy ūüôā

Bubble Butt

Do you want a better butt? A nice Butt?

Here are a few exercises to workout your Glutes.


Live Healthy- Combine Healthy Foods

Losing weight is hard work. Losing weight can be very difficult. Losing weight, well… there is different tips everywhere to lose weight. Try adding certain foods or spices to your meals and see how this diet plan, so simple, can change your life.

To start, we all know how healthful berries are, but we neglect to include them in our meals… DO IT. For breakfast, add it to your yogurt, your oatmeal, walnuts or Ricotta , better yet, mix them all together to your liking. Berries are¬†fiber packed and¬†help decrease fat cell formation.¬†I personally enjoy having oatmeal with Yogurt, nuts and berries topped together. It makes a delicious filling and healthy energizing breakfast.

Furthermore, adding the antioxidant, Cinnamon spice, to your meals which has so many benefits including a delicious taste and the fact that it is proven to reduce the accumulation of belly fat. See what combinations make healthy choices.

Another that you should be familiar with is freshly squeezed citrus, which many add to cold and hot water or even to tea. It boosts fat burning and with some combinations makes a whole stronger difference.

Cayenne Pepper and black pepper, tasty add-ons right? Not just that, it increases calorie burning too. Even the pepper vegetable, great source of vitamin. See some great combination too in the link below.

Add spinach to your foods and smoothies too, its just healthy.

Don’t take Ginger for granted, they¬†accelerate gastric emptying and blocks several genes and enzymes in the body that promote inflammation.

Garlic, use it, it does give a smell but wow is it healthy for you, so add it to your chicken, your salmon, to your meals. Combining these two healthy foods makes a whole difference to your diet.


Okay, I have said a lot, now see for yourself, read the following article and do your own combinations and find a healthier you: