Just Lose it!

Here I was, sitting on my lazy butt eating because I had no set diet plan for the day. You get lazy, you eat crappy, it’s a cycle and you don’t even notice it.

So do you want to get fit? Do you want to lose that extra fat that makes you sick? Take these five tips seriously.

1. Cardio on an empty stomach upon waking up.  It can be difficult but try doing it right when u wake up, before hunger strikes. It’s a great fat burner as it targets directly your body  fat as opposed to the carbohydrates and foods you have just consumed.

2. Avoid Carbs after 6pm. Your body just can’t lose that and it will simply store into fat.

3. Focus on weight training, if you think pure cardio will lose that belly or lose that fat you are wrong.  Your body Works the most when your heart is pounding from that 120 pound squat or deadlift.  Make the right decision at the gym. Don’t spend 45 Minutes on a treadmill thinking you got it all under control. Weight training is key for your body fat.

4. Instead of having 3 full on meals a day. Make it several small meals a day.  That means you might eat 6 to 7 times as opposed to 3 times, but half sized meals. Prep your body to have a faster metabolism as the smaller the portion the faster it’s burned the faster your metabolism runs. You can do it.

5. Eat a protein meal right before bed. Yes, but this does not mean you have a full meal. That simply means you have a protein such as cottage cheese, fish or chicken. This is essential as your body is working itself out while you are sleeping therefore requiring that energy for bedtime. Remember rule number three though no carbs!


REMEMBER! All this means nothing if you have not had your minimum 7 hour sleep! While sleeping you are resetting your body, while sleeping you are burning calories, while sleeping you are allowing fat loss to have a chance.

See more at http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/5-forgotten-fat-loss-tips.html#.Vzpv-0YEcTU.gmail

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