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A Solution for Your Health: The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook

How to become healthy?
What diet will work for me?
Could I keep up with this diet?

So many questions are asked when trying to lose weight and stay healthy; most important is STAY HEALTHY!

So I was doing some video searching on youtube, trying to view some options to stay healthy and I found this video on my “Recommended for You”. Sure, there are many great books out there to teach you how and what to eat, and the reason I found this to be the most captivating is Dr. Hyman’s concept of EATING AT HOME, MAKING YOUR OWN FOOD. That is essential because as you make your own food, you KNOW what you are putting in there and can CONTROL the ingredients in your food. You can focus on a QUALITY AND BALANCED DIET. So truthfully, make your own food, avoid eating out, and Focus on this great Solution book for your health!

Watch UltraWellness TV with Mark Hyman at:

And Remember: The Secret to Being Healthy is Staying Healthy.


Body BooSters to Flush your ToXins

cleanseYou have tried all sorts of cleanses to flush your body from toxins, but have you considered the type of flush that uses boosters to aid your body by giving it the nutrients it needs to stay clean?

Chili Peppers, Dandelion, Parsley, Flaxseed, and Sea Salt… These are all boosters that cleanse the system and keeps you healthy and free from toxins.

check it out to get more details:

Vitamin K for Killer Bones!

We have been told that we must consume calcium to keep our bones strong and healthy…. it seems we’ve missed an essential source. Vitamin K… which is found in green vegetables is a strong source to keep our bones young and vital!

Foods that provide vitamin K include “leafy greens such as kale, spinach, collards, swiss chard, mustard greens, turnip greens and parsley as well as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and green and romaine leaf lettuce. Asparagus, avocado and peas also contain smaller amounts of vitamin K.”

In fact if you are curious about this, try out this new recipe found in the link below

And for For more information on Vitamin K.

Keep your priorities straight and know what is good for you


I hear it over and over again! Popcorn is healthy… Have you ever heard something that you know makes no sense but you want to believe it because it is convenient for you? Well this is one of them. I go to the movies, someone I am with decides they should get popcorn… Seems they heard popcorn is good for you and a healthy snack. What I’ve heard is it consumes over a thousand calories and quite fattening. What do you do in this dilemma? Well most I can do is argue my way into it but we all know where that lead.

Popcorn is good for you.

Is it?

So we know that popcorn is in fact not an unhealthy snack when you make it yourself, however, what can you make of it when it is Movie Popcorn? Full of butter, added butter, and saturated fat. I won’t say any more, I will let you discover on your own. But know this. Popcorn is not bad for you, however, don’t expect a healthy snack in the movies, nothing is healthy in the movies, especially the popcorn. Don’t be fooled and don’t be stuck on your ideas.

Ginger is a Miracle Food!

Ginger is effective in combating many illnesses and relieving many other health problems. It seems that such a vegetable helps humans in various ways that are overlooked by people on a daily basis. Indians and Chinese incorporate it in their daily foods and have come to notice its strong health benefits. I have been sick with a strong cold before and was advised by a friend to use ginger tea for remedy, which made me feel better in the long run. I recommend ginger to be incorporated on a daily basis because it seriously is a remedy to many sicknesses and a good nutrition for your health and digestion!

Watch this video for more details:

Incorporate Wheatgrass in Your Life!

Its just difficult to know what is good for you to eat and what you should avoid, nowadays.
Here is a quick lesson I received tonight and would like to share with you. I found this video to promote wheatgrass to you and show you how nutritional it is for your health.

Some of the benefits of Wheat grass is that it can be detoxifying, increases fertility, aids your digestive system, promotes balanced blood pressure and more. Wheatgrass can be consumed through juice, powder, tablets, or even eating it as a grass.

In Fact! My blog promotes wheatgrass, as you seen it is my template!

Now I can go on and on, but I think the video describe very well why its so good for you, so enjoy!