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Were You Dealt a Bad Hand?

I was listening to this video while driving to work in the morning, and found myself dumbfounded with how right this guy is.

First of All. We have grown up in a society where things are just given to us, we don’t work for things, life has been given to us, sadly for some of us, our parents baby us and we end up growing older feeling that we will get what we want, but YOU NEED TO WORK FOR IT. Most of us try to work for something and as soon as we notice it is taking a lot of work, we stop and move to the next thing, but why can’t we live with purpose?

Second of All. Technology and how it has ruined us. Can we sit on a table without our phones beside us on the table? Can we wake up without looking if someone LIKED our photos on Facebook?


I know that the phone is one of my Resolutions for 2017. I am a VICTIM of this non sense and waste of life.

I hate the phone.. I sometimes sit with my friends at a restaurant and I might as well be sitting alone. Phones are evil if you ask me, they used to be for the sole purpose of safety and conversation, however when you are safe and conversing with someone, why do you need to waste your time on the phone?

Socialising is no longer fun. You sometimes go out with a group of people and more than half of them are on the phone, Social Media is one of the culprits. HOW IS THAT QUALITY TIME? Why are you even meeting? What about when you are out with a friend and all they do is “text” someone else, that is not even there; it is clear that you are not as important, you are not as interesting, you might as well not be there.

If you are sitting at dinner with your friends and you are texting someone who is not there, that is a problem!

I hate phones, how would a simple outing go without phones? God Forbid, you get their full attention and you actually have a decent conversation, a decent time. Wake up, you are living in a society where you rather talk to an object than talk to a person.

Third of All. Instant gratification is a problem these days, people have no patience to wait for things anymore. This generation is problematic. People have no time to find love, to accomplish something, to finding a fulfilment in their life.

Please watch this video, It will change your life. It really should.

Fear of Being Alone…

Human relationships are complicated nowadays. People can be both alone and not alone at the same time. Today, you can develop a relationship through technology, you don’t need to see the person anymore, and you just need to text them. A father can consider himself to be a good father if he text his child every day. This society has become so advanced to the point that people would rather text than to call. Even when at work, in a meeting, or in school, you notice people texting or googling in order not to be alone. Watch this clip and notice how Sherry Turkle explains what technology has done to this society. Being alone is viewed as a problem to people; it is for this reason that they seek connections. People use technology to feel better about themselves and their loneliness, but if you have alone time, you might actually end up alone, because this illusion that you are not alone because of technology is false. You need to learn to be alone, because if you are always hiding behind technology, you will never make a difference within yourself. Solitude must be appreciated, because it is important that every person has some alone time, without any illusionary connection to displace our thoughts. Self-reflection is essential for our development. When you are not allowing yourself to reflect, and assuming that you always need someone to talk to, you are not allowing a proper development, leading to feeling more alone and lost. Technology appeals to us most when we are most vulnerable. We are vulnerable because we have this illusion of friendship that technology offers. Since being alone seems like a problem that needs to be solved, we relate to technology to get that problem resolved. Why do we feel that being alone it is a problem to be solved? Being alone is truly essential to our soul; therefore we must stop feeling that there is something wrong with having time alone and embrace the time we have to be able to reflect about our lives and make the changes that are needed to be truly happy.

Who am I kidding? I am one of these people, I can’t do anything without being on the phone with someone or texting someone. I have definitely been working on it however and it seems to really bring realization to your life.

Keep in mind, alone time is good time. Stop these illusions, they only get you lost.