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I hear it every and anywhere, drinking DIET coke, SWEETENER rather than sugar, 0 calorie gum, and so much more.

Its been said by many, drinking diet in order to not add fat or calories, well WAKE UP CALL! this is all FAKE! In fact,

You Actually Gain Weight by Using “Artificial Sweeteners”

So contrary to popular belief, Scientist have discovered that Aspartame in fact stimulate your appetite, Increase carbohydrate cravings and stimulate fat storage and weight gain. More so,I just recently discovered, Aspartame which is commonly believed to be healthy for people with diabetes has been shown to worsen insulin sensitivity, I would say more research should be done to confirm that but it is definitely something to look into as all diabetics are taking artificial sweeteners in the belief that it is better for them than sugar.

These are all ideas that must be enhanced for all of those who believe in the ” deception” about aspartame being a diet.

Read the articles and watch the video thoroughly and take it seriously because someone can be told that aspartame is very unhealthy but will still have it. Hopefully telling people its actually fattening might do the job.

“DIET” Sodas Is Not A Diet!

This concept is something I have been trying to influence on people around me for years. Diet Soda Does NOT mean you will not gain weight from it. Just because it has 0 calories does not mean it is DIET. Truth it, it does not make sense how something so sweet can have 0 Calories.

If its too good to be true, ITS NOT TRUE!

So here it is, if you don’t care about your health, at least care about the disappointment you will get out of this video, or at least I hope you do. If you want to ignore what is said and continue, then at least I tried. But I do hope that I can at least influence some, as this topic is one that I am passionate about! I see people around me always drinking these Diet sodas, and they really have it all wrong.

People trust these labels, denying all aspartame intake, so Please watch this video and I hope it will cause you to change your habits, because not only does aspartame cause cancer but it really has none of the positive effects (weight gain avoidance or weight loss) that many believe.


It is very important to be aware of what chemicals are in our food that we consume daily.

Aspartame is a major issue these days because almost all gums have aspartame. Not to mention, aspertame is in everything nowadays and scientific studies show how aspartame causes cancer and so many other diseases that are toxic.

Moreover, there is many meats and foods that are genetically modified that are allowed to be sold in stores yet are not what they seem. Some foods are modified in ways to impel animals from eating them which is in fact dangerous chemicals for humans. It is also repelling what kinds of chemicals they add to grow foods faster. Growth hormones are being added in almost everything and anything we eat.

So bottom line, Check Nutritional Labels to know what you are consuming and always explore how to live a healthier and longer life. Warn those around you and help others stay away from Killing themselves.

Share this with everyone you care about because it’s serious!

Watch the WHOLE video, trust me it’s very important!

Aspartame is a POISON!

I have told friends to stop drinking those Diet Cokes, Sweeteners, and 0 calorie gums. Aspartame is the reason for all these to be so popular on the market. Everyone seeks the lowest calories possibility; the one that will be the least ‘fatnening’, but what people are not taking seriously is how dangerous Aspartame is. Watch this video and you will never have aspartame again, or so I hope. It has many negative side effects that affect one’s health to the point of diseases. Edith Johnson is one example of such a disease. Humans do not take this seriously and do not believe that Aspartame will affect them but without realization, Aspartame is affecting our body everyday. Please be aware of this disastrous artificial sugar! It is deadly and can demonstrate a wide range of negative effects.

Aspartame, according to this video should have never been out in the market, because its safety was not scientifically proven. So why is it still out there?

Take this seriously and change your life…