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It is very important to be aware of what chemicals are in our food that we consume daily.

Aspartame is a major issue these days because almost all gums have aspartame. Not to mention, aspertame is in everything nowadays and scientific studies show how aspartame causes cancer and so many other diseases that are toxic.

Moreover, there is many meats and foods that are genetically modified that are allowed to be sold in stores yet are not what they seem. Some foods are modified in ways to impel animals from eating them which is in fact dangerous chemicals for humans. It is also repelling what kinds of chemicals they add to grow foods faster. Growth hormones are being added in almost everything and anything we eat.

So bottom line, Check Nutritional Labels to know what you are consuming and always explore how to live a healthier and longer life. Warn those around you and help others stay away from Killing themselves.

Share this with everyone you care about because it’s serious!

Watch the WHOLE video, trust me it’s very important!


25 million people in Africa are affected by AIDS.

Emily Oster brings forth a new form of thinking on Aids. Oster is thinking outside the box and she stresses to us how AIDS is a very serious disease. She is definitely trying to form thoughts that can incite thinking outside the box for society to decrease the spread of AIDS. Ms. Oster used data in a way that founds her argument and does well in swaying her viewers’ opinions about the spread of AIDS. She clarifies how this sexually transmitted disease is killing people in the prime of their life and that if we want to live a longer life, then a change of behavior is essential, that is, a decrease in sexual behavior. As she mentions, when the economy is higher, there is disposable income; therefore people go out more, consume more alcohol and have more sex, which could be unprotected. For this reason, economy and HIV are in fact interrelated. Moreover, depending on your economic status, you may also be more exposed to HIV risks, such as interacting with other people that do in fact have AIDS. To better explain this, take a look at AIDS in Africa; if we decrease the poverty, then we are likely to decrease AIDS. Poverty leads to more unprotected sex, as people lack the economic ability to be safe. Essentially, life expectancy in Africa is 40-50 years, it does not leave much expectancy to live when AIDS is involved. Poverty is a big issue in Africa and many of us hear it from time to time, but no one does anything to help. Missions are there to support people in Africa, and I believe that a higher awareness should be imposed for people that can Help!

This is a serious problem and we must be aware of the consequences of AIDS. How long do you want to live? That is up to you. Be aware of this epidemic and be safe.

My blog is intended to open your eyes to two things: The awareness to be safe and change your behavior and it is also to make people aware of what is happening in Africa. We have the ability to make better judgments and have the finances to make proper decisions. Don’t be foolish! Do not engage in unprotected sex, because you CAN! This is not worth your life, TAKE CONTROL!

Halo Test: Pap test for the breast

People nowadays neglect their health. I have heard and seen many times, people say things like “if I had cancer I would not want to know about it, I would want to live my life without that fear and concern.” I understand that people are afraid of Cancer, but if you found out one day that you have been diagnosed with a certain cancer at its terminal stage, what would you then say or do? You know that had you not neglected yourself for the past years and got checked up, then you would not be where you are now: Stage 4 cancer would have been Stage 1 cancer, and you could have survived. It is essential to TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! Do NOT neglect seeing a doctor and getting checked at a constant basis, at least a yearly basis. This goes out to Women and Men. Nonetheless, Prostate cancer and other forms of cancer are more common then they were many years ago. It is what we eat and how we live that determines what will happen to us. Seeing as nowadays, we do not have control over what we eat, as most people eat out a lot more than back in the days, it is important to get checked often. If you do not know how, ask and research! DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR HEALTH, THIS IS SERIOUS!

Here is a quick video for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. Check out this New breast cancer screening called Halo Test that can detect cancer 7 years before a mammogram: this is especially something that should be considered by people with cancer background.

Watch this video, it is very astonishing.