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Baby Powder…. Really?

Is this for real? Is Johnson and Johnson really selling products for Babies that can harm them?

Here is some facts showing that:

As early as 1982, studies have shown a link between baby powder and ovarian cancer in women. Findings have shown that women using talc­based powders are 300 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

That’s really scary… and it’s true almost every household has one of these bottles and uses them quite often for various reasons… women, men, kids, babies…

What is happening here, will there be an official advisor on them soon? well, you know to avoid them and Read the labels…. be wary of TALC!

Read more for details….

Be Wary Baby

Did you know that babies start their learning from the fetus?

If you knew half the things I’m about to shoe you, I am certain you will do things differently.

As a new Mommy or a new Daddy….

Take in consideration …


Life’s Greatest Miracles is a heartwarming video that moves the soul. Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. The beauties of life, the preciousness of life, this miracle is indescribable. As humans, we do not appreciate what happens to us, we cannot realize what blessing is happening within us when we procreate. This video demonstrates the beauty of a life, it expresses why we must believe in a higher power because nothing can come close to this miracle of life, procreation. Watching a simple sperm grown into a living being, its heartfelt. From beginning to end, this video, though long, keeps you on your feet, awaiting the end result. It is a lesson for all, we must understand what goes on in the fetus. If you believe in God, this will bring life to you, and if you don’t believe in God, this will open your eyes to what life is all about and how something so preciously small can become something so CHERISHABLE and TREASURED.

Watch this video, or most of it, if you are in for fascination and being mesmerized.
It is beautiful!

The secret of Baby language according to Priscilla Dunstan

Priscilla explains to us how babies have a language through their cries and’words’.
Oprah’s interview with Priscilla shows us how to distinguish what babies are trying to tell us through words such as ‘neh’ (Hungry), ‘Owh’ (sleepy), ‘heh’ (discomfort), ‘eair’ (lower gas), ‘eh’ (burp).

Watch this video, it is adorable! Especially if you are a new mother and want to sooth every pain for your baby.