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Stay Away from Your Ears!

We all like to clean our ears, we like to feel clean. Ears may seem dirty at times, and full of ear wax which may seem disgusting… But the truth is, these ear wax inside the ears, its quite healthy and when removing it *with a Q-tip, you actually do more harm than good.

Why is That? 

Well the ear cleans itself and this ear wax actually keeps bacterias out. So by “cleaning” it with a Q-tip you are actually pushing the dirt fully inside where it can’t even clean itself, therefore causing harm to the ear because it can’t clean itself, making it hard to hear and more susceptible to bacteria.

Some grossness is something healthy for you! As such, earwax helps keep dust and dirt away from the eardrum. Therefore acting

So if you use Q-tips, think again!

Remember: Your Ears Clean Themselves. Don’t be a hero!

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Eggs: Handle with Care

Eggs provide great nutrients, that’s assuring they are not poisonous.

Eggs can sometimes be contaminated with a bacteria called Salmonella, or other. It is important therefore to be wary of the eggs we are picking up and how to properly handle them.

Here are some of the usefulĀ  tips:

– Choose refrigerated eggs with clean a and uncracked shells.
– Pick up the eggs at the end of your shopping trip to keep them cold.
– Make sure eggs are graded Canada A with the maple leaf symbol.
– Alwsys keep your eggs cold
– Dont crack the shell until ready to use
– Eggs should never be kept in room temperature for more than two hours.
– Wash thoroughly with warm water and soap all materials used for handling raw eggs

Did you know?
Cookie dough and cake batters made with raw eggs could contain Salmonella and should not be eaten until they are cooked thoroughly.

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Be Careful!

Water Brand: Warning!

The Ministry of Health is warning people not to drink from a specific brand of water as it is contaminated with bacteria.

Blue Glass Water Company also known as Caledon Clear Water Corporation is based out of Caledon, Ontario.

‘The bottles come in 375mL and 750mL formats, and say “Bottled at source by Blue Glass Water Co. Ltd.” orĀ  “Bottled at source by Caledon Clear Water Corp.” on the label’.

Be cautious and be safe!

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Yogurt is Good for You

I have recently been told how good yogurt is for you, because it has the good bacteria, so I have been doing a little more research about yogurt to further understand why yogurt is so good for the body.

So it seems that when using antibiotics, for example, it is very much needed for someone to have yogurt on a daily basis. The reason for this is that antibiotics fight both good and bad bacteria, therefore, seeing as yogurt has good bacteria, it is essential to nutrition your body with good bacteria, “probiotics”.

This is not to say that all yogurt is good for you… Here is a website for guide to buying healthy yogurt:

P.S. when searching for yogurt, make sure it says that it contains “Live and Active Cultures”.

Watch this short clip to know more for what to look for in yogurt.