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Water is bigger than You!


Let me tell you something about water…

Without it you don’t live
Without it you can’t stay healthy
Without it you can’t lose weight
Without it you Feel weak
Without it You are not whole
Your body is mostly made up of water mass and without it you will not survive.
Without Water, your body stops working properly.

Enough about what lack of water causes.

Let’s see if you are drinking enough of it.

Follow this link and let me know if I have made a few things clearer for you.


Love Yourself !

I know it seems like common sense when someone says you must love yourself before you love someone else. However, watch this video and get inspired.

Watch Lissa Rankin talk about caring for your body, which is more internally than physically.

She speaks of the body, encouraging health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and living environment. Really, her theory is fully internal.

Lissa Rankin suffered throughout her life, but she was able to surpass it all by staying ‘happy
and ‘connected’. Lisa is inspirational, please follow the link.