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Cell Phone Radiation … Hazardous!

Everyone has heard their parents saying to stop using their cell phones and its bad for the brain but no one really takes their parents seriously. Parents have always been right, for the most part. I can’t say I wasn’t one of those kids that used their cell phones so often because I was and I still am. It’s unfortunate but we have become so reliable on technology nowadays that even if told that cell phones can kill us, it won’t stop us. Just like cigarettes, addicted and needy.

It is sad how kids now own a cell phone at such a young age… I got my first phone at 18 because my parents never believed in having one before needing it. I see kids today at 6 years old with a cell phone, its so disappointing… Do their parent’s not understand how detrimental it is to their health? I might seem passionate about this topic as I see this generation becoming too ‘spoiled’, for better terms, because what kid needs a phone at 6 years old? They go to school and come back home. If it is going to do anything, it is distract the child from what is most important, which is school, family and growing intellectually. I would say that the only important thing in a child’s life is books and not technology.

Enough to say, please take care of yourself and your children. Cell phones are very dangerous and health hazardous. People really don’t take these radiations seriously and constantly keep their phones on their ears. Proof is beginning to be apparent about this fact and soon enough it will be out on every news station. However, until then, please take your health seriously and take this free advice. Cell Phones, just like cigarettes, are dangerous for your body and can cause many damages to the brain and diseases such as cancer.

Be smart about your choices in life, and do not take advice for granted!


Here is a video to explain more…