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Why So Negative?

Tis the season … the weather sucks, the air is cold, this is the time when we get the blues. For some, it’s always that time…

I have a thought for you, do not let yourself go down that lane and fight the negativity, fight the depression, fight the hopelessness!

Here it is, You ready…?

Here is the secret.

1. Be GRATEFUL for what is positive in your life, whatever is good, show gratitude; that can also mean something as simple as starting a journal, and writing what you are thankful for from your day, write in your journal every day.

2. Repeat POSITIVE affirmations: Anything with repetition will start to become believable…. I am happy I am happy I am happy, you start to believe it.

3. CHALLENGE negative thinking: choose to not to dwell on them, stay away from that focus, and choose to interpret negative ideas into a more positive idea that will overpower the negative.

Here is a little more information if you care to better your emotions and your life…

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE you will get the hang of it, and it WILL change your life.


Relationship Status: Be The Best You Can Be

Being in a relationship, it is a lot of work. Sometimes a relationship can make you ill from all the arguments and problems that can occur. But it can all be avoided by simply knowing how to treat your other half.

I have been in a relationship for quite a long period and I have always had to practice these few tips in my own relationship, and these are to respect the person you are with, to listen to him/her, to please him/her, to always seek to better yourself, to challenge him/her to be better for them self, to have that trust between each other and to simply love one another.

I know from my experience, I always strive to show respect to my boyfriend, we make sure that we are both becoming better people together and challenging each other, I have noticed that my boyfriend truly follows these 10 traits of a ‘Great Boyfriend’ and this is why we still are striving today for that great relationship, because as long as one person is teaching these traits the other will follow them too and learn their value. So if you have been feeling some tension lately with your other half and you don’t know what is causing it and how to deal with it, take a second, consider these traits and see if maybe there is something that you can be doing better to better your relationship.

Follow this link, it really is a great way to have a meaningful relationship. I may demonstrate how a boyfriend can Great, but I truly feel this is a great link for both women and men.