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Lose It The RIGHT Way!


Losing weight is a constant struggle, I have tried various methods, diets, workouts. To be honest, lets make it simple.


Cutting FAT, cutting CARBS, cutting SUGAR, starving yourself. You are doing it all the wrong way. How about you focus on what really matters, because your body needs fat, carbs, sugar, and damn right can’t be starved, not if you want to also Work out and BE HEALTHY.

So here is the Trick, I will send you off to a nice ENTERTAINING ride that will shock you but you will realise that this way will be healthy and reachable for you.

Here are 23 Weight Loss Tips for you to best lose it. Don’t DIET, just Finally DO-IT.

“When Making Your Choice in Life, Do Not Forget to Live”

Samuel Johnson best said it,

When Making Your Choice in Life, Do Not Forget to Live.

As philosopher Renata Salecl states, we are so focused on personal choices, that we forget to make the important choices, the social ones.  We feel anxious because we have choices thinking that this choice is essential to our future, when in reality, it is much simpler to choose what is simple and rational.

Choices of what to make of our life, choices of what to eat, what to buy, how to live, where to live; these are all choices that cause anxiety and stress. Why must it be that difficult? Why not focus on something rational and do it.

Salecl also talks about how some of us prefer to be ignorant than have knowledge. What does she mean? Would you rather live your life ignorant about having an illness or would you like being advised if you are sick, so that you have the choice to treating yourself? This can be different for many people… Think about it… Tell me this, would you rather be told when you will die? Or are you the type of person that would rather not know and live life until it ends? These are big questions, what kind of person are you?

Now, back to every day choices. Do I need that bigger car? Does it matter if my food is not what I expected? Does it matter if I will look different to people? These are all situations that do not need to be taken to the extremes because of what you think you want or what you think other people would want from you.

Life can be simple, our minds can be reasonable, and we can be relaxed, however as humans, we complicate things. Why? Because we can! Because we have the choice! Choices can be bad; they can really play with your mind and you health.

SO….. Don’t bring yourself to the ground with choices, live life simple. When put in the position of choice, stress on the important ones, not the insignificant ones. You can make a difference in the social world, not in your selfish sphere.


Choices… Yes, I am victim of this. It is for this reason that I am very enthusiastic about the topic of choices, so take this serious, because it really makes a difference.


Please take a few minutes to watch this video and think clearly…. Are you guilty?


So remember…  Save your anxiety… Make the right Choice!