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Should You Over Cuddle Your Baby?

Infants that are held less by caregivers show lasting changes to genes involved in immune response and metabolism, according to a study of children from British Columbia. Ottawa Citizen

If you have had a baby or know someone that has a baby, you will know that there is this unknown in baby cuddling… Should you hold the baby when they cry, should you not… So many questions, some fear that not holding them will result in attachment issues and other from the other spectrum believe that over holding them will result in attachment issues. Tough one right?

It is, but recent BC studies have shown that fussy babies that are cuddled regularly are more likely to develop normally than those who are cuddled the least. I have friends with babies and this article struck me. To be honest, I am glad to read this because although I do not have children, this particular question has always caught my attention. You can potentially ruin your child’s personality if you make one wrong move. There are so many ifs and buts, there are so many whys and hows, so many what should I do and what consequences am I looking for.

I can rest at least reassured that you really should not ignore a crying baby … imagine how they must feel, they are crying for comfort, and no one is coming, as a new born. I can imagine myself as an adult, crying in my room and my family completely ignoring me. That would alter me, that would ruin me, it would affect my trust in my family, in anyone, it would nurture resentment, independence, lack of trust, and so much more. So as I stand today, I will never ignore my baby, I will never let my blood cry on their own while I purposely ignore them. It is so sad to think of what they may be thinking and not even able to express themselves verbally. Maybe they had a really bad dream and just need that reassurance, maybe they are babies that had something happen to them in the womb and need to be comforted until they can be more independent on their own. Never ignore your baby when they are crying, no matter how fussy they may be. Support your baby, support their healthy growth, love them unconditionally.

Put yourself in their shoes for a few minutes, imagine every scenario…. Do you have the heart? Your flesh, your blood, your baby. The thought makes me so sad.


Growing up, I heard it many times. Don’t be a little girl, don’t cry, men are supposed to be strong, crying is only for girls. This is what I heard most fathers tell their sons: my dad, my uncle, friend’s fathers, etc. Even my brother had to suffer through this useless talk about being a man. What determines what a boy should not do? They have feelings too, why should they be judged about crying? Why must they always look strong and manly? Why is a girl seen as not feminine enough when she is not sensitive or emotional? Women should not be independant, they must be submissive and dependant on a man, this is what you hear. Today, especially, all is changed. Some women now are the main breadwinners in some families. This takes us off topic, but I needed to mention this somehow. Women, men, we are both humans. Why is it that men are always warned not to cry or show emotions? They ask why violence against women is so high… the simple fact that men are taught to be dominant and show no sadness is evidence enough.
Make a difference, save the world. Check out this video, and take is seriously.